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An Award, A Versatile Blogger Award


I have some great fellow bloggers among me. 3 of which nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award recently. I love all of their blogs, and feel pretty honored that they follow me. 🙂

Thank you to some incredible writers at, and and sparkylaurie
for the nominations!!!

Now, my part of accepting this award includes a little bit of homework.First, I am to thank the person/people who gave me the award and link back to them in my post. Second, I have to inform you guys of 7 things about myself. Third, I have to pass this along and nominate 15 blogs. First one, done. Now, 7 things about myself….

1. I never get the first of anything off a shelf. I guess I think its tainted from everyone else touching it.

2. I am left-handed and super proud of it! Which makes us left handers in our “right minds”. Haha, had to say it! 😉

3. I have a big issue with my ears. My mom used to tape them back when I was a baby. Nothing else needs to be said about this.

4. I love cats. I have no problem becoming a cat lady when I get older.

5. I am not a tv person. I have 2 shows I record on DVR, and that’s it. But, I love me some movies!

6. I am taking ballroom dancing lessons right now. I absolutely love it and it’s not the least bit easy!

7. I was stuck in an elevator by myself when I was younger. Even if where I’m going is on the 37th floor, I’d rather take the stairs.

And now for the blogs I want to nominate.

Some of these blogs have been around for a while, and some are almost brand new. But, I love them, so I’m sharing my favorites. And when I figure out how to add a blog roll to the right side of my blog, they will most definitely be on it! 🙂

Now, I am having a hard time coming up with 15, so 12 is what you get from me.

In no particular order:


Me 2.0


Five Things At Once

Taking The World On With A Smile!

because writing is her vernacular of speaking

Fabulous and fit in my 30s

The last 3 are the ones that nominated me. I am sending the love right back to them!


I am sure some of you have been nominated numerous times. You should feel liked by many!! 🙂


To get the flu shot, or not to get the flu shot…


…..that is my question.

 This is what we know:

– There are 3 viruses put into the vaccine each year. (Guess the top winners of them all)

– There are thousands of different types of strands out there. So, those nice flu shots cover about 40% of this years viruses. Now, how many of you people are like me, and get the short end of the stick when the odds are stacked against you? 😉


This is what I know:

– Last time I got one….it wasn’t pleasant and I GOT THE FLU!!

– This year if I don’t get one, I will probably have to be quarantined and bedridden all holiday season!

Decisions, Decisions.


Tis the season to get sick,  fa la la la la, blah blah blah blah!!  









Cooler weather = YAY!!  Sickness central at the schools, grocery stores, church, the mall, gas station pumps (nastiness), and the doctor offices = BOO!!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that this years flu bug isn’t too terrible. But, I am already armed with lots and lots of hand sanitizer. I think this year I am going to buy one of those signs babies have on their strollers, and wear it as a necklace.


-Your Germs Are Too Big For Me. Please Don’t Touch.

(Hey, I’m fragile, too!)





So, be interactive people and let me know what your plans are this year. I want to hear what the majority says. Maybe I will feel the peer pressure and cave towards the popular crowd. 😉


I just want some coffee!



There were a couple of things going against me this morning…

1. I had run out of my lovely k cups the day before and had not had a chance to refill the supply.

2. There was a major accident outside one of the entrances to my subdivision that was causing a lot of traffic.

3. BBD- (Bruce B. Downs) to all that live in New Tampa, those are bad words.

When I wake up in the morning, it’s pretty simple. I get my girls up, get their lunches packed (school cafeteria lunches…yuck) and then it’s time to fix my coffee. My girls even know that I don’t function properly until that first cup hits my lips. Hey, its my only vice, so I think I’m doing pretty good. I don’t need that pack of cigarettes to get me through the day, or I don’t need to drink every night to wind down. I just like my coffee, and that’s all.

So, with no k cups this morning, it had already messed things up for me. I get my girls off to school and decide I’m going to venture out to find some coffee. The Dunkin Donuts is just right around the corner from where my subdivision is, but unless I have a death wish, it’s not a good idea to walk there. But, the accident traffic is causing a huge issue to get there. Then, I decide to truck down the other way towards BBD. Well, I don’t know if everyone decided to leave for work at the same time or what, but that way was not going to happen either. So, I thought for a brief moment to just settle for Shell gas station coffee, and then laughed that thought out of my head. I was desperate, but not THAT desperate.

With me stuck on this road, both ways off of it blocked by traffic, I wanted to cry. I wasn’t quite ready to give up though. I decided my best option was to go home, throw some things in the laundry, waste a little bit of time and then head back out again. I waited a good 30 mins and that made all the difference in the world. There was free-flowing traffic all around.

As you can tell, I got my coffee this morning. Or this post would not be happening. 😉 Some things you can tell about me from this post…

1. If I want something bad enough, I’m not giving up till I get it.

2. I am perfectly happy with $1.79 coffee from Dunkin Donuts. I’m not the, I-only-like-$8-coffee-from-Starbucks kinda girl.

3. One cup of coffee in the morning can keep my body going all day. A second cup is just like dessert for me. It’s my equivalent to a cheap gallon of gas for a car. Hey, we all need some kind of fuel.

I shall go out and stock up today, so I don’t have to worry about any coffee adventures tomorrow!

Coffee, Coffee it’s good for your heart, the more you drink, the more you’re smart! (that’s the best I could come up with) 🙂


Where’s the happy news?



I am someone who likes to stay up-to-date on current news, to a point. I have resorted to gathering information from networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The reason why is because they don’t seem to “pack as much punch” with delivery of the news.

Think about it, when you turn on the news, you get at least 30 mins of every murder, theft, fire of the day, thrown at you. On Facebook or Twitter, you get a line every now and then of something recent that happened. I think this is all I can handle. My brain doesn’t respond too fondly to all those negative thoughts attacking it.

So, you can understand my dismay this morning when I pulled up Facebook, and all on one update I saw:

“Officer shoots suspect in St. Pete, murder investigation in Clearwater, rain in the forecast.”

-Oh, and some major traffic delays.

Now, I understand in some states where there is a drought, rain would be good news. Here in Florida, it’s been one crazy rainy season and if I could send some rain to folks that need it, I surely would!

But, I want to ask…Where’s the happy news?











Yes, I want to be informed of things going on in the world, but if it happens to be all bad (which all you reporters seem to feed on) put one positive thing that’s going on as well. So, for every negative there should be a positive! I would hardly think I’m alone in wanting something like this.









There is quite a bit of good going on in this world that is totally news worthy. 🙂 I think we should all hear about those things as well, no matter how small it is.  The news could even use that as an opening line…

Good Evening, welcome to the five o’clock news. Tonight, we have 10 negative stories, but also 10 positive stories to fill you in on. So, stick around and we promise you won’t finish watching our news program all depressed and in need of an alcoholic beverage. 

I bet you their views would sky-rocket!! Especially on Mondays, they need to realize people need happy thoughts to get their week off right. So, we don’t look like this…












How does one prepare for something like this?








The other night, I had a triple whammy thrown at me. I knew all of these “talks” were coming, but AT THE SAME TIME??? Holy crap, I wasn’t prepared!!

This is what we are talking about folks:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


 Razors, Santa, Sex….OH MY!!!


Isn’t there supposed to be some kind of break between the whole, “No Santa” talk, to the birds and the bees discussion??  All 3 at once almost gave me a heart attack! My daughter is definitely younger than I was before these things were brought to my attention. But, you know, times they are a changing! She has had some “changes” lately that brought on the razor talk. I love my daughter too much to let her walk around with hairy armpits! 😉 Now, the Santa deal…she was pretty much in the know from her school buddies, but I confirmed her suspicions.

Now, the sex talk was a wee bit harder than the other two topics. I can only hope that I did a good job explaining things to her, and then scared the crap out of her to even sit too close to a boy. HAHA! I haven’t had much of a response yet, other than her laughing at me the whole time I was trying to talk. I didn’t know it was a comedy act! I guess if I was her age, and my mom was using hang gestures, I’d laugh too.

I am still waiting for the follow-up questions. I figured it has to sit with her for a few days and then she will come to me with her 20 questions when I think I’m in the clear. In all seriousness, I want my daughters to feel like they can come to me with anything. Even if some think my daughter was too young to have the talk to, I would rather it be me then one of her friends at school. She will be entering into that dreadful spot that’s called Middle School next year, and we all know how that place goes!!

So, I am hoping at least for the next couple of months, there are no more serious talks on the horizon. I need a breather, a few glasses of wine, and an adolescent book to read, STAT!!!

Please, no more….WHAMMIES!!!






Why won’t this flippin’ bug die!!!



Let me paint the picture….

It was 2:45am this morning, lights and tv were still on because we had passed out from exhaustion. I quickly jumped up in bed, from being woken up suddenly. I didn’t hear anything, but saw one of my cats at the end of the bed, on the floor, playing with something. I called her name to get her to come back and lay down, but she ignored me. Knowing that it must be something big to keep my obedient cat from disregarding my call, I get up to see what she has in front of her. And this is what I found….



Just the bug, not the cracker.







This is now the 3rd one of these nasty things that have invaded my house. It gives me the creepy crawlies, and now it’s in my bedroom!

I yell, OH MY GOSH!!! My lovely man who is next to me asleep, jumps up thinking there is something wrong with the girls, or someone is trying to break in. And then he finds me jumping up and down on the bed, pointing to the floor. He proceeds to be on typical man duty…..bug killer! (Except for spiders, that’s my job….He is a wuss when it comes to those 8 legged creatures) 🙂

He comes armed with a tennis shoe in one hand, rubbing the sleep away from his eyes with the other. As he proceeds to beat the crap out of the bug, it suddenly disappears. So, he chalks it up to the fact that he wounded it and it is sleepy time again. Heck no, there was no shut-eye that was going to take place until that bug was found.

I start to scan the room looking for all the places it could have gone. Well, guess what…it had made its way on the bed!!!!!!  If I hadn’t gone to the bathroom before I went to bed, I most likely would have peed on myself at that point. I had seen him beat that bug a good 5 or 6 times, but it seemed unphased by that size 10 Nike.

Thank goodness he caught the bug off guard, swatted it off the bed, and started hitting it time after time until it was in a million little pieces. Lets see you recover after that Mr. bug, HA!! He then got to take a trip to a watery grave…our toilet!

After that craziness, it was time for us to go back to sleep for a few more hours. But, for a good hour, my mind is racing, my skin is crawling thinking that the bug was probably a mommy, and now the babies are going to come after me while I’m asleep.

Makes you rethink what little or no clothes you wear to bed, huh?? Could you imagine if…nevermind, I’m not going to go there!!!


Hold on…I must Check-in



We are all apart of one of them, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Now, I have recently been thrown into FourSquare and this GetGlue thing. Some of us can be quite obsessed with getting on those magical websites to get the inside info on what our “friends” are doing.

I admit that I am guilty of this. I can find myself during down time, quickly grabbing my phone to see what’s going on in the outside world. Lately, my time on Facebook has actually gone down…but, only to be replaced by FourSquare.

I know people have different opinions on the whole “checking in.” I got into the Facebook places for a bit, especially being at a place with friends, it was fun. Some think it’s ridiculous to show the world where you are at all times. A way of letting a potential burglar know, hey I am not currently home right now!!!!

Oh, but there is something different that has grabbed my attention. Catching deals from places when you check in, becoming Mayor when you frequent somewhere on a regular basis….heck yeah, count me in!!


All these little gimmicks to make you feel special. That’s what they are doing!! I totally fall for it too!! HAHA!

But, I feel I must get the most points, I want to be Mayor of everything!! 🙂

Some of my friends make it very difficult for me though, they are super check-in happy. If they could check-in when they were sitting on the toilet, I’m pretty sure they would. Then, they could be Mayor of their own porcelain throne! 😉

I realize all these places I check-in to, are just getting free advertising that’s shooting back and forth across all this networking madness. I think it would be cool if I could get advertisement for myself like this.

Say, one of my friends is calling me…it would automatically plug into FB, Twitter, etc..and say, _______ (friends name) is now talking to TT (AKA- Same could work with emails, text messages, and more. I think I’m on to something here! Isn’t it all about knowing what everyone is doing every minute of every day??

Before you know it, we will have a microchip in our brains that will update our status’ and places, while we are thinking about it. No typing would be necessary!



Eek! That would be extremely creepy!!!