Which one can’t you live without?


Okay, I might have been a little sarcastic with the title of this post. Because I am talking about the ever so popular things that we find…

Which one is your favorite??

What I have caved into buying

  • Ped-Egg– works beautifully
  • Slap Chop– crying while cutting onions? no more!!
  • Ab-Circle– Hahahahaha! That was sent right back. Going in circles doesn’t give you super sized abs. Who would have thought!?!
  • Push up pro– not too shabby. But, nothing will make push-ups ever fun and enjoyable!
  • Snuggie– this was bought for me. Doesn’t everyone have to have one??
  • Smooth Away– make it to where you don’t have to shave or get laser hair removal, dang it- I fell for it. Now I use it as a play-doh smasher when I play with my girls.
Β Now, these just make me chuckle..
Spending $100’s on bras that make your boobs look natural?? Oh no, you want to go for the, I-wanna-poke-your-eye-out look.
Beware cosmetic dentists, you are going to lose so much business because of this. The lady went from looking like she has tobacco teeth to Ross Geller white instantly!
Ugliest house shoes ever!!
Now we are just being super lazy. Is it that hard to cut brownies after they cool off?
Modern day fanny pack. For all you “fanny lovers” out there, it’s time to upgrade!
And, my new favorite
Pajama Jeans!!!!
Why worry about having to change from bed to work?? They just took all the painful guess-work out of deciding what to wear in the morning. They even say on the commercial you will want to wear them EVERYDAY! Problem solved πŸ™‚
What is your favorite AS SEEN ON TV product?

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  1. Vidalia onion chopper. Chops nice even pieces of pretty much any veggie. Works great for tomatoes too to make an awesome bruscetta. Not great for firm cheeses though… tried to dice up some very firm cheddar and broke my 1st one. I have bought 3 now. 1st one broke then bought 2 more, one for the house and one for the camper.

  2. My wife bought the aluma wallet for me. I really liked it and it worked great until I broke it. T.v. said it was indestructibe. My wife said that people claiming to sell indestructibe products were going to have to start putting a disclaimer underneath them, “Product has not been tried or evaluated by destructo-man!” πŸ™‚ Personally, I think that’s a little harsh! I told my wife that just because I’m banned from all products that are made of ceramics, plastics, metals, or that conduct electricity does not mean that I break everything. She said she begged to differ, and told me to think of one thing I hadn’t broken in our 13 years of wedded bliss. For once I had a good answer. I said, “Aha. Got you! Your heart!” πŸ™‚

  3. The perfect brownie pan is not at all about laziness, it is about making every brownie with the perfect texture, the utlimate blend of crunch/chew/moist with no smushy middle section. I would buy one if I were not afraid it would actually work and I would then have to resist eating 18 perfect brownies, instead of only 4. We take our brownies seriously around here. πŸ™‚ If you don’t, try making Ghirardelli double chocolate.

    • Wow, you guys do take brownies seriously! I don’t think I would try for perfectly cut brownies unless I owned a bakery or something. I can eat brownies whether they are perfectly shaped or in pieces on a plate. Haha! I love them that much. πŸ™‚

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