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You let your kids do what??


I am a proud parent of two beautiful girls. If you asked my friends, they would tell you that I’m a bit overprotective. My kids might not like me much when they get older, because of that. But, I don’t really mind, they just have to deal with it. I always tell my oldest ( I so sound like my mom when I say this) I am the way I am, because I care. If I just let you do whatever you want, that would show I don’t care that much.

Remember, as you read this….these are my opinions, and you may feel differently. I just choose to not let my kids do things like what’s below.

Sometimes, I want to say to other parents….You let your kids do what?



Ride their bike to school, when it’s a couple of miles away, by themselves. (Elementary School)

I will be driving my kids to school, and I see 5 yr olds, with no parents, just riding along a pretty busy road.  I would be a nervous wreck if my girls did that!!! Don’t they know FL has one of the highest kidnapping rates?




  Walking into gas stations, running down the street, playing on the playground with no shoes on!!! yucky!!

Umm, that is not such a good idea in my book!





Kids on Facebook. If they are under a certain age, they have to lie about how old they are to even get a page. Isn’t that teaching our kids to lie to get what they want??

My daughters are allowed to get a facebook page when they move out of my house, or their friends can just send messages through mine! Haha 😉




Dropping 10 yr olds off at the mall. I have literally been walking by, when a mom pulled up and let her daughter and a friend out (same age as my daughter), and said I will see you in a couple of hours. Giving them a cell phone doesn’t mean nothing bad can happen…that little piece of electronics, gives some parents a feeling of way too much security!




6 yrs old and getting highlights? Haha! I don’t like having to pay to get my own done. But, starting my daughter out that early?? Only if she has a job 😉





I understand some of you reading this, may let your kids do some of what I mentioned. I probably do some things with my kids, that others think is a bit ridiculous. You can call me out if you want, I don’t mind. So far, my girls have turned out pretty good! I must not be doing anything terribly wrong..yet. I have not hit the teenage years, so that will most likely be a different post, if I survive it! Haha!


This was a more serious post for me. Don’t think that’s happened yet. I will return to the funnies tomorrow! I have a good one twirling around in my head right now for fabulous Friday, which is almost upon us!! 🙂