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Did I scare you? I am baaaaack! I was gone on a very long, difficult hiatus. Maybe not difficult, but I had a lot of crap going on, man. Let me bring you up to speed on what has been happening while I have been away….

– We were gone long days around Christmas visiting just about every family member we have.

Image  (fyi- that is not my family above, if you were curious. We don’t wear weird cones on our heads while eating.)

–  A very close family member of mine had what was to be “routine” surgery and it basically turned into everything but routine. Which he is still having difficulty with to this day. The hospital can be a very bad place. I believe the only way I will ever be admitted to one is NOT because of a surgery I decide I want, but because of one I HAVE to have.


– I was planning what was to be, “the birthday party of a lifetime”, for my 6 year old daughter. The reason I say lifetime is because I am pretty sure she won’t get another birthday party like that for the rest of the time she is living with us. It wore me out! 50’s Pink Ladies Birthday Party with more decorations than I have ever done before. It was great, everyone showed up, the kids didn’t like my plans…they enjoyed jumping on Sienna’s “trampoline” in her room (AKA- her bed). I tried….I have pictures, and hopefully it was enjoyed by all. Sienna can’t ever deny we didn’t ever give her a big party. I have witnesses!


 Just to name a few more things…

-I have been a busy bee studying, and will be taking my PT test soon! Woohoo 🙂

– I am planning a wedding here, people! Can’t wait!!

There are several other things that have made me have a super busy life lately, like most other people.

Sorry, I was away for so long. I intend on doing a better job now. I may not be posting every day, but certainly a heck of a lot better than I have been doing. Maybe a few times a week, so get ready!

And Happy Day after Tax Day!


The statue of liberty tax people have a few months off now. 🙂


Our Upcoming Adventure


In a little over a month we will be going on a great adventure! It is to a place that we shall call, ” THE UNKNOWN.” (But, some people might just call it camping)

Unfortunately, we aren’t going to be able to spend this year’s Thanksgiving with extended family. So, we are spending it the next best way, with some good friends. And these good friends go camping on Thanksgiving. We thought, what the heck..we will join in! Now, I need to paint a picture for you guys.

  1. I have never taken my girls camping. (My oldest went with her Aunt a couple of summers ago but they are avid campers, I am like a camping virgin.) 😉
  2. We own a tent that has only been opened in our living room for fun sleepovers, that’s it. (I wonder if we actually have the stakes, never needed them on the carpet.)
  3. 2 sleeping bags for 4 people. (Crap, better go to the sporting goods section of Target. Or is that a ridiculous place to go for camping gear? Should I go to Dicks instead? Is there a manly man’s store to go to for this stuff, so we look like we know what we are doing??) Ahhh!
  4. Peeing in the woods. (Oh, my 5 yr old is going to love this. She doesn’t even like to use the bathroom at the football field because she says it smells like old pee mixed with some nasty poop odor.)
  5. Bugs. (The great outdoors of course are filled with them. My girls freak out, literally, when we have a fly in the truck.)


This is either going to be the funniest Thanksgiving ever, or one that goes down as a horrible experience all around. I think I should video tape it all. I might be able to make some money off of this!

I used to be outside all the time growing up, so I am looking forward to this. I think it will be a great way to spend the holiday. My girls like the comforts of the indoors way too much. I think it’s my duty to take them outside and make them live a little. Gone with the cell phones, T.V’s, Nintendo’s, Wii’s and whatever else electronic devices they will try to sneak past me. It’s time to, “rough it” as they will probably call it. Or maybe they will look at it as torture. Either way, I am sure we will make plenty of memories and that to me, makes it totally worth it!


For one day, If there were no _____, I’d ______.


If there were no taste buds, I’d eat all the Brussel sprouts I could handle..make up for a lifetime of not eating them.

If there were no Cops, I’d be a speed racer on I-4.

If there were no Calories, I’d eat a funnel cake for breakfast!

If there were no Sharks, I’d swim in the super deep end of the ocean.

If there were no fear, I’d bungee jump from the top of the Eiffel tower.

If there were no bad people in the world, I’d let my kids run around the neighborhood, free, like there isn’t a care in the world. Just so they would know how it feels. 

If there were no cell phones, I’d think the world was coming to an end. Just kidding- I’d enjoy being able to hide from the world for a day.

And this is where I would be..

What would you want to do if there were no _____, for a day?

A woman’s sacred place


You knew I was talking about hair salons, right?

Guys just don’t understand what all is involved with finding the perfect hair salon. Some women can search many moons looking for a place that suits them best. There are some located on just about any corner. But, they are like guys, only about 1 in a 100 mile radius MIGHT be compatible with you.

Now, some women could care less about salons. They can do their own hair, and they are proud of it. I applaud you. I am severely challenged when it comes to coloring my own hair. It started out when I was a youngin and I wanted to be a summer blonde. I used about 5 bottles of sun-in on my hair. End result, I had less hair going to school that year. A few years later, I decided to try again with a little darker color. I ended up looking like a witch and my mom rushed me to the hair salon like it was an ER, to hang out there all day getting my hair stripped and put back to “semi-normal.” I have made a vow to resist even touching another bottle of hair color. We just don’t get along.

When I talk to most women, they are pretty much looking for the same thing in a salon. Then when you find a place, you stick to it like glue. You would travel over the river and through the woods to get back to your favorite hair stylist. When I moved to ATL, I would make the 2 hr trip back home to get my hair done by the lady I had gone to for 10 yrs. When I moved even further south to Tampa, I decided it would be a bit ridiculous to keep making the trip just for my hair. So, the agonizing search began.

Here is what I think is a typical check list for finding a perfect salon.

  1. Friendly staff– not the almighty front desk-ers that act like they are doing you a favor by showing up at work that day.
  2. Welcoming atmosphere– not walking into a place that is still trying to pull off an 80’s motif
  3. Good products– this goes without saying. Who wants crappy products used on their hair?
  4. Knowledgeable Stylist– being a guinea pig is not my idea of a favorable experience.
  5. Reasonable Prices– $250 for some highlights and a trim??? Are you crazy? That’s electric bill high!!!

After being in Tampa for almost 3 yrs, I have finally found my sacred place! This is after traveling to a salon that was 45 mins away to have a lady who didn’t speak English so well, turn me into a brass head. Then, having #5 happen to me at a place closer to my house. Also, trying out a place where the lady didn’t care in the least bit what I wanted. She had a vision, and I left getting my money back. Then, I stayed at one hair salon too long, only to leave with hair as dry as the desert and a color that royaly screwed up my hair. Finally, I found…


Hair Salon 


  • Their salon is beautiful!!
  • The staff is super friendly, and will have you laughing quite a bit while you are there.
  • Their products are amazing for your hair.
  • Massage chairs while you get your hair rinsed….umm, how awesome is that?
  • Unlimited refills on the best coffee ever, KEURIG!
  • Most importantly, they make sure you are a satisfied client when you leave.

 You know that feeling when you walk out of a salon, you feel like you are on top of the world. The sun should be shining on you and someone should be standing there saying, “Ta-da, The new and improved lady has arrived.” Now, let’s go party or get dressed up, so I can show off my fabulous new hair. Well, that’s how I feel every time I walk out of there. So, they better not go anywhere, because I am sticking to that place like glue!!!

Thank you, Maher, Summia and Mj! You guys are the best!! 🙂

Some of why I smile all the time :)


My beautiful girls

 Awesome siblings

Amazing parents and grandmother

My precious new Niece, Clara

A fabulous guy in my life

Some of my awesome friends

My crazy cats

I might not have the best car, the biggest house, the most fabulous clothes to wear, or tons of money in the bank. But, I have what matters the most to me, some pretty amazing people in my life. And that is something that money definitely can’t buy!


Hold on…I must Check-in



We are all apart of one of them, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Now, I have recently been thrown into FourSquare and this GetGlue thing. Some of us can be quite obsessed with getting on those magical websites to get the inside info on what our “friends” are doing.

I admit that I am guilty of this. I can find myself during down time, quickly grabbing my phone to see what’s going on in the outside world. Lately, my time on Facebook has actually gone down…but, only to be replaced by FourSquare.

I know people have different opinions on the whole “checking in.” I got into the Facebook places for a bit, especially being at a place with friends, it was fun. Some think it’s ridiculous to show the world where you are at all times. A way of letting a potential burglar know, hey I am not currently home right now!!!!

Oh, but there is something different that has grabbed my attention. Catching deals from places when you check in, becoming Mayor when you frequent somewhere on a regular basis….heck yeah, count me in!!


All these little gimmicks to make you feel special. That’s what they are doing!! I totally fall for it too!! HAHA!

But, I feel I must get the most points, I want to be Mayor of everything!! 🙂

Some of my friends make it very difficult for me though, they are super check-in happy. If they could check-in when they were sitting on the toilet, I’m pretty sure they would. Then, they could be Mayor of their own porcelain throne! 😉

I realize all these places I check-in to, are just getting free advertising that’s shooting back and forth across all this networking madness. I think it would be cool if I could get advertisement for myself like this.

Say, one of my friends is calling me…it would automatically plug into FB, Twitter, etc..and say, _______ (friends name) is now talking to TT (AKA- myeventfullife.wordpress.com) Same could work with emails, text messages, and more. I think I’m on to something here! Isn’t it all about knowing what everyone is doing every minute of every day??

Before you know it, we will have a microchip in our brains that will update our status’ and places, while we are thinking about it. No typing would be necessary!



Eek! That would be extremely creepy!!!



Friend meter…do you have one??


When I was thinking of this post, I did not know there was a friend meter on facebook, till I googled this. Guess that answered my question then….lots of people have friend meters!!!

I am pretty sure that all of us can place our FRIENDS into one of these categories:

Best– (Can count on for pretty much anything) These come few and far between!!

Good (They are part of your normal crowd, but you don’t necessarily share everything with them)

Wishy washy– (They are here….then they aren’t, wait..then they are back)

Social(hang out together pretty much when you are just out and about, run into at the same places)

Acquaintances(Yeah, I’m cool with that person)


Past Friends have different categories:

These people help me appreciate my true friends, more and more each day!! 🙂

Back stabbers(To your face, “I like you, I like you”, behind your back, “_____ is such a   b*tch”)

LiarsNo definition needed (Maybe they think if they lie, you will like them better) It is very confusing to me!

UsersThis is my favorite….why you say? Because this is what I seem to run into, a lot! I have had so many people use me, that I should be able to report them to the cops for stealing from me!!! My time, money, etc.

Then, there are some past friends that are all of those above put together!! I have had some of those in the past few years!! Those are the ones you want to red flag them some where on their head, so you can save some other people from all the trouble!

Like how guys should have a douchebag meter, I think all women should have a friend meter (like above). So, if you find yourself talking to someone who is even remotely close to the red….you need to run like hell away from them! lol!!

They say when you get older you are lucky if you can count on one hand how many true friends you have.

I most definitely agree, but I would like to revise that saying for women.

– Women are lucky if you can count on one hand how many true friends you have that secretly aren’t out to destroy, control, corrupt you or steal your man!! haha!!