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I just want some coffee!



There were a couple of things going against me this morning…

1. I had run out of my lovely k cups the day before and had not had a chance to refill the supply.

2. There was a major accident outside one of the entrances to my subdivision that was causing a lot of traffic.

3. BBD- (Bruce B. Downs) to all that live in New Tampa, those are bad words.

When I wake up in the morning, it’s pretty simple. I get my girls up, get their lunches packed (school cafeteria lunches…yuck) and then it’s time to fix my coffee. My girls even know that I don’t function properly until that first cup hits my lips. Hey, its my only vice, so I think I’m doing pretty good. I don’t need that pack of cigarettes to get me through the day, or I don’t need to drink every night to wind down. I just like my coffee, and that’s all.

So, with no k cups this morning, it had already messed things up for me. I get my girls off to school and decide I’m going to venture out to find some coffee. The Dunkin Donuts is just right around the corner from where my subdivision is, but unless I have a death wish, it’s not a good idea to walk there. But, the accident traffic is causing a huge issue to get there. Then, I decide to truck down the other way towards BBD. Well, I don’t know if everyone decided to leave for work at the same time or what, but that way was not going to happen either. So, I thought for a brief moment to just settle for Shell gas station coffee, and then laughed that thought out of my head. I was desperate, but not THAT desperate.

With me stuck on this road, both ways off of it blocked by traffic, I wanted to cry. I wasn’t quite ready to give up though. I decided my best option was to go home, throw some things in the laundry, waste a little bit of time and then head back out again. I waited a good 30 mins and that made all the difference in the world. There was free-flowing traffic all around.

As you can tell, I got my coffee this morning. Or this post would not be happening. 😉 Some things you can tell about me from this post…

1. If I want something bad enough, I’m not giving up till I get it.

2. I am perfectly happy with $1.79 coffee from Dunkin Donuts. I’m not the, I-only-like-$8-coffee-from-Starbucks kinda girl.

3. One cup of coffee in the morning can keep my body going all day. A second cup is just like dessert for me. It’s my equivalent to a cheap gallon of gas for a car. Hey, we all need some kind of fuel.

I shall go out and stock up today, so I don’t have to worry about any coffee adventures tomorrow!

Coffee, Coffee it’s good for your heart, the more you drink, the more you’re smart! (that’s the best I could come up with) 🙂