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You got what? Where??


 Oh, Tattoo’s…you either love them, or you hate them!

I, personally, am quite fond of them. Everyone has different reasons of why they get them.  It seems to me, that most people I know, either has one or wants one. So, I’d say it’s a pretty common thing now a days. That’s why I don’t understand when I get, “YOU have a tattoo?” Excuse me, am I not tattoo “material?” Please don’t be fooled by the innocence that comes out of me every now and then. I am capable of a lot of things. 😉 haha!

I currently have two tattoo’s, and I don’t regret getting them. Even when I’m 90 yrs old, I’m going to be rockin them…grandma style!

   The left one was my first tattoo.  It took about an hour to do, and I passed out during it. (Long story)  The one on the right took 20 mins, and hurt like hell…but, no passing out that time!  Woohoo! 🙂

I have one more that I want to get, and then I will be done…I think. (They are a bit addicting) It will be a small tattoo, in a really cool place that I stole from someone I know who has one there.

Just as there are really awesome tattoo’s, there come some horrible, horrible choices that people make. We all know that putting names on your body of a boyfriend/girlfriend, or husband/wife, is not a good idea AT ALL! Unless you want to spend a pretty penny on getting it removed or covered if something happens.

BUT, these I just don’t understand…what the? why would you? Seriously??

I think I am going to blame it on drugs, yes..these people were all on drugs, see for yourself.

  Nice White Trash tattoo, at least she admits it.





  Is that what’s all in that belly??




    Shark tattoo in the arm pit…hmmm, okay!






   OUCH! I don’t even like the feeling of waxing my eyebrows,   could you imagine this?




    Oh, I know, I know…his kids will ALWAYS think he is    awake! HAHA!





    Mr. Cool Ice….yeah, this has to be a joke, right?











Yep, that’s awesome






   Now, don’t you be looking at my ass, because I really

will be watching you!




  No comment!






I really wonder what they thought the day after?? Possibly any regrets?? LOL!