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You swing, I scream, we all swing…no, no we don’t all swing!!


I know it’s been around for awhile, I’m not that naive. But, has an explosion happened lately that has made it the latest fad??

Maybe Florida is one of “those” kind of states too. HAHA!

I have either met, been approached by, or heard of an alarming number of swingers since I have lived in Tampa. I definitely don’t understand this kind of lifestyle. Without getting too graphic in this post, I just don’t understand the appeal. The thought of “sharing” the person I am with, on a regular basis to other friends, strangers, or party go-ers while you are present, makes me feeling like jello inside. Blah!

Even though I don’t get it, if that’s the kind of thing you like…more power to you. But, can you just keep it to yourself and not approach me anymore. I mean, is there a non-swinger sticker I can wear, or does the color yellow have a secret code of, “that person is a no go”? Cause I will gladly stock my closet full of that not so charming color on me.

I am just going to give out a little warning to anyone in this area, or someone moving to this area, be careful! That next door neighbor, friend, acquaintance, co-worker, or that unassuming guy at the bar, may have a few secrets up their sleeves about what goes down in their spare time.

I vote they all move to a Swinger Island. 🙂