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My worrying is on overdrive


Yep! That’s me…I am a worrier.

Did this happen when I was younger? Nope, just after I had kids. Time goes by super, duper fast and I worry all the time now. Yes, I am religious and I do pray about my worries, it’s just the letting go part that is difficult for me.

I had this idea that after the “deed” is done, you should get an email before the sperm is about to attach and hold on for dear life. The email would say, do you accept this amount of worry/responsibility that is about to be bestowed upon you. Click yes or no. If you click no, the sperm would blow up, well maybe not blow up, but venture off on a different route. If you click yes, then you are fully aware and you were warned.

Of course, if this ever was a possibility (however small it may be, everything is done by email nowadays), I would have most definitely clicked yes for both of my girls. It’s just before you have kids, YOU HAVE NO IDEA! Your life is about to be replaced with a full-time job of worrying for your little one…

– Don’t jump on your bed, you could fall off and hit your head.

– Don’t even think about running with those scissors in your hand.

– Be careful, you almost crossed the street without looking.

– Wear your helmet/pads on your bike, you could fall off and get hurt.

– Don’t you dare go by that pool till I am outside.

And it could go on for pages! Any of this sound familiar?

Then, it gets worse as they get older. The worries get bigger and bigger and bigger. According to my mom, it never stops, even when kids grow up and move out of the house. Awesome!

I really am trying to get a handle on all my worries. But, I have to blame the news for part of it. I like to refer to the news as the DEVIL. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I never even know half the crap that goes on in the world, till I turn on the news. A good side is being informed, and a bad side is now knowing all this yuck that goes on. So, that just adds to my worry…damn you news! It doesn’t help that with my cable provider the default channel when you turn on my t.v. is, guess what….the 24hr news station!! You can’t get away from it!

So, I really am going to work on it. But, to all of those who read this and don’t have kids, listen to me. Since the whole email thing isn’t in action yet, I am trying to warn you now. It is a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment all rolled up into a ball with a huge amount of worrying/responsibility with being a parent.

When I was younger, my grandmother would always talk about how much she worried about us. I would just look at her and say, “that’s crazy, Mamaw we are fine, you don’t need to worry about us.” Now I am so much like my 92-year-old grandmother, IT IS CRAZY!


Thoughts from Kindergarteners


Today I went to volunteer in my youngest daughters classroom. She is in the best grade at school, Kindergarten. I really don’t know how you can be around a bunch of 5 yr olds and be in a bad mood. Even if they aren’t listening and a bit unruly, they still have the funniest things to say. The bulletin boards outside the classrooms always have the best artwork. Before going in my daughters class this morning, I decided to read what all the kids had to say. I took a couple of pictures and I want to share those with you.

I think the first sentence says..The dad does all the hunting and owls eat skunks and mice. This next one, I am a little confused about- Babe owls colon owlet??

Proper punctuation on this one was key! For a minute I thought this child wrote that animals eat children in the fall! What a horrible season it would be then.

What my family does together- Either they have a green tornado in their house that they play in together, or they need to invest in a pool guy so they can have blue water in their poor pool!

When I saw this picture all I thought was, her dad must be a clown!

Of course today all they could talk about was Halloween, their costumes, all the candy they would be getting tonight, and how long it was going to be before night time came. One little girl told me that instead of getting candy when she goes trick or treating, she gets money. I asked her where she lived and told her we would show up at 6 o’ clock sharp!

Iย (I mean), my girls would love to go trick or treating in that subdivision!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The scariest place in the world!


The scariest place in the world!!!

(When I was a kid it was)

My parent’s basement!!

What is it when you are a kid? A dark basement in your house can be the worst place to ever be, by yourself. When I was younger, I absolutely hated to go downstairs into that deep, dark dungeon. I had thoughts of ax murderers, ghosts, witches, bats, rooms crawling with bugs and anything else my vivid imagination would bring up of what all was living down there. You would have thought someone lit my ass on fire when I came back up the stairs after turning the lights off. Who knew I could climb stairs that fast?!?

One of the reasons I despised going down to the basement was because of the CHINA DOLL. If you haven’t heard the story of the china doll, you should check it out here, CHINA DOLL STORY.

Of course now, that story is just silly. But, when I was a kid I never wanted to go to sleep because I heard this story and then come to find out, WE had a china doll in our basement!!! That kind of stress no kid should have to handle. So, needless to say I hated our basement and having to go to sleep in our house.

As we got older, the basement was just another floor to our house. But, the scariness was passed on to my kids. We live in Florida, we don’t have a basement. So, somehow our first floor became “the basement.” The other night, all 3 of us were upstairs and all the lights were off downstairs. My oldest needed to get something out of her book bag which happened to be located on the scary floor. I told her to go ahead and get it. She looked at me reluctantly, and walked slowly to the stairs. She ran so fast down and back up the stairs that it shook the entire house. Come to find out, she thinks a bear lives in our downstairs bathroom and it only comes out when she is down there by herself. Let me show you a picture of this bathroom.

Even with the lights off you can see the entire bathroom clearly.

According to her, the bear lives in the wall and then it comes out to attack her. Gotta love our imaginations when we are kids. Thanks to me, she can read this blog post when she gets older and show it to her friends about how brave she was as a child. Too bad my mom didn’t keep that china doll….I’m just kidding, I would never do that to my kids! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wait, stop the game!


This is how you play it, Mommy.

(This picture was taken almost 3 yrs ago. But this is still how she looks when she is trying to explain something very important to you).

For anyone that knows my youngest, Sienna, knows she is a firecracker. For those of you that don’t, read the discussion below that took place between her and I today. This is a typical “Sienna conversation” that can go on. ย The past 3 days she has been stuck at home, sick. Unable to go to school and being bored, her mind has been pretty creative!

Sienna: We are going to play a word game.

Me: Ok, how are we going to play?

Sienna: I am going to write a word and you have to say it right, without me telling you what it is.

Me: I have to guess what you are writing?

Sienna: No, no. You have to copy what I write and guess the words.

Me: Oh, so I read what you write and then tell you.

Sienna: Ugh, you will figure it out when we start.

This is the game we were playing. Notice she has 6 smiley faces on her side and I only have 3 smiley’s and a couple of X’s.

Sienna: Ok, now you need to copy the word I put for number one.

Me: You mean the sentence?

Sienna: Yes, that’s what I said.

Me: Oh, my bad. (Then I copied her first sentence)

Sienna: Good, it’s correct! Now, the next one I write, you need to copy it wrong.

Me: Why would I copy it wrong? Don’t I want to get it correct?

Sienna: No mommy, it’s a pattern…right, wrong, right, wrong- don’t you get it?

Me: Ok, I guess I get it.

Look back to the picture above– So, when you get down to the sentence where she said, I eat with my friends. To follow directions and get this one wrong, I wrote, I eat with my cats. She looks at me like I am crazy and said, You eat with your cats?? That is hilarious and ridiculous!ย 

Me: Do you think I am winning, Sienna?

Sienna: (She looks at the paper for about a minute) Um, I am pretty sure that I am winning mommy and not you!

Me: What kind of game is this??

Sienna: It’s my game mommy. That’s why I am winning.ย 

Gotta love playing with a 5 yr old! That’s when she decided our game was over. She left the room and this is where I found her…

Tying one of my bikini tops onto the hamper in my closet. Obviously, she found one of my winter hats as well. I really hope she can go to school tomorrow! I (no, I meant she) might go out of her mind if she can’t. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Some of why I smile all the time :)


My beautiful girls

ย Awesome siblings

Amazing parents and grandmother

My precious new Niece, Clara

A fabulous guy in my life

Some of my awesome friends

My crazy cats

I might not have the best car, the biggest house, the most fabulous clothes to wear, or tons of money in the bank. But, I have what matters the most to me, some pretty amazing people in my life. And that is something that money definitely can’t buy!


You let your kids do what??


I am a proud parent of two beautiful girls. If you asked my friends, they would tell you that I’m a bit overprotective. My kids might not like me much when they get older, because of that. But, I don’t really mind, they just have to deal with it. I always tell my oldest ( I so sound like my mom when I say this) I am the way I am, because I care. If I just let you do whatever you want, that would show I don’t care that much.

Remember, as you read this….these are my opinions, and you may feel differently. I just choose to not let my kids do things like what’s below.

Sometimes, I want to say to other parents….You let your kids do what?



Ride their bike to school, when it’s a couple of miles away, by themselves. (Elementary School)

I will be driving my kids to school, and I see 5 yr olds, with no parents, just riding along a pretty busy road. ย I would be a nervous wreck if my girls did that!!! Don’t they know FL has one of the highest kidnapping rates?




ย ย Walking into gas stations, running down the street, playing on the playground with no shoes on!!! yucky!!

Umm, that is not such a good idea in my book!





Kids on Facebook. If they are under a certain age, they have to lie about how old they are to even get a page. Isn’t that teaching our kids to lie to get what they want??

My daughters are allowed to get a facebook page when they move out of my house, or their friends can just send messages through mine! Haha ๐Ÿ˜‰




Dropping 10 yr olds off at the mall. I have literally been walking by, when a mom pulled up and let her daughter and a friend out (same age as my daughter), and said I will see you in a couple of hours. Giving them a cell phone doesn’t mean nothing bad can happen…that little piece of electronics, gives some parents a feeling of way too much security!




6 yrs old and getting highlights? Haha! I don’t like having to pay to get my own done. But, starting my daughter out that early?? Only if she has a job ๐Ÿ˜‰





I understand some of you reading this, may let your kids do some of what I mentioned. I probably do some things with my kids, that others think is a bit ridiculous. You can call me out if you want, I don’t mind. So far, my girls have turned out pretty good! I must not be doing anything terribly wrong..yet. I have not hit the teenage years, so that will most likely be a different post, if I survive it! Haha!


This was a more serious post for me. Don’t think that’s happened yet. I will return to the funnies tomorrow! I have a good one twirling around in my head right now for fabulous Friday, which is almost upon us!! ๐Ÿ™‚









I Call B.S. (#1)


Oh, the things we have been told thru the years…..

I’m calling bull shit on them now! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Wait 30 mins for your food to digest before jumping in the pool, OR you might get a stomach ache..

BS -My girls can jump in 20 seconds after eating a sandwich and we have never had any stomach issues. They can thank me later for all the lost minutes of impatiently waiting I have saved them! Haha!


If your bangs are too long, you might go cross eyed.

BS- I haven’t actually asked a cross-eyed person, but do you really think its cause they didn’t cut their long bangs back in the day!


If a black cat crosses your path you will have bad luck.

BS- Okay, so I had a black cat for 10yrs- yes, I did have some bad luck here or there. But, who doesn’t?? Most of my bad luck came from the guys I met…pretty sure it had nothing to do with my furry friend, Midnight. I am thinking it’s because some days I rushed out of the house and forgot to put my douchebag blocker on. Ha!


Don’t step on a crack…or you will break your mama’s back.

BS- My moms back is fine. It is my back that is seriously messed up! Wait, was it a joke? For those kids who were mad at their mom and decided to step on a crack to see if it would really happen, and then it back fires on them?? My back has a 45 degree curve that the doctor wants to operate on..great, guess I stepped on one too many cracks!


If you swallow gum, it will take 7 years to pass through your digestive system.

BS- We poop it out in a day or two…case closed!

-Notice my post title said #1. It’s because this is the first of many “I call BS” posts I am going to do. As kids, we were lied to quite a few times by our beloved parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, even grandparents. It is very shocking indeed! ย I think its time to put it all on the table and call them out! As a parent myself, I struggle with telling those big, fat lies to my kids. It’s all fun and games until someone realizes that these people below are not real.

WARNING: Don’t read this post around young kids!!! I am not responsible if they see this and realize all these people below are part of the FAKE GANG ๐Ÿ˜‰