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I Call B.S. (#1)


Oh, the things we have been told thru the years…..

I’m calling bull shit on them now! 😉


Wait 30 mins for your food to digest before jumping in the pool, OR you might get a stomach ache..

BS -My girls can jump in 20 seconds after eating a sandwich and we have never had any stomach issues. They can thank me later for all the lost minutes of impatiently waiting I have saved them! Haha!


If your bangs are too long, you might go cross eyed.

BS- I haven’t actually asked a cross-eyed person, but do you really think its cause they didn’t cut their long bangs back in the day!


If a black cat crosses your path you will have bad luck.

BS- Okay, so I had a black cat for 10yrs- yes, I did have some bad luck here or there. But, who doesn’t?? Most of my bad luck came from the guys I met…pretty sure it had nothing to do with my furry friend, Midnight. I am thinking it’s because some days I rushed out of the house and forgot to put my douchebag blocker on. Ha!


Don’t step on a crack…or you will break your mama’s back.

BS- My moms back is fine. It is my back that is seriously messed up! Wait, was it a joke? For those kids who were mad at their mom and decided to step on a crack to see if it would really happen, and then it back fires on them?? My back has a 45 degree curve that the doctor wants to operate on..great, guess I stepped on one too many cracks!


If you swallow gum, it will take 7 years to pass through your digestive system.

BS- We poop it out in a day or two…case closed!

-Notice my post title said #1. It’s because this is the first of many “I call BS” posts I am going to do. As kids, we were lied to quite a few times by our beloved parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, even grandparents. It is very shocking indeed!  I think its time to put it all on the table and call them out! As a parent myself, I struggle with telling those big, fat lies to my kids. It’s all fun and games until someone realizes that these people below are not real.

WARNING: Don’t read this post around young kids!!! I am not responsible if they see this and realize all these people below are part of the FAKE GANG 😉