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How does one prepare for something like this?








The other night, I had a triple whammy thrown at me. I knew all of these “talks” were coming, but AT THE SAME TIME??? Holy crap, I wasn’t prepared!!

This is what we are talking about folks:


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 Razors, Santa, Sex….OH MY!!!


Isn’t there supposed to be some kind of break between the whole, “No Santa” talk, to the birds and the bees discussion??  All 3 at once almost gave me a heart attack! My daughter is definitely younger than I was before these things were brought to my attention. But, you know, times they are a changing! She has had some “changes” lately that brought on the razor talk. I love my daughter too much to let her walk around with hairy armpits! 😉 Now, the Santa deal…she was pretty much in the know from her school buddies, but I confirmed her suspicions.

Now, the sex talk was a wee bit harder than the other two topics. I can only hope that I did a good job explaining things to her, and then scared the crap out of her to even sit too close to a boy. HAHA! I haven’t had much of a response yet, other than her laughing at me the whole time I was trying to talk. I didn’t know it was a comedy act! I guess if I was her age, and my mom was using hang gestures, I’d laugh too.

I am still waiting for the follow-up questions. I figured it has to sit with her for a few days and then she will come to me with her 20 questions when I think I’m in the clear. In all seriousness, I want my daughters to feel like they can come to me with anything. Even if some think my daughter was too young to have the talk to, I would rather it be me then one of her friends at school. She will be entering into that dreadful spot that’s called Middle School next year, and we all know how that place goes!!

So, I am hoping at least for the next couple of months, there are no more serious talks on the horizon. I need a breather, a few glasses of wine, and an adolescent book to read, STAT!!!

Please, no more….WHAMMIES!!!