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The world of X’s


We all love our Ex’s don’t we?!?

I believe that everyone has an ex that can be put into one of the following categories-

  1. What was I thinking?? (That’s what comes to mind when you think back on that relationship)
  2. Psycho (Either turned into a stalker, or just can’t ever let go of the past)
  3. Possibly the one that got away? (You might question..if circumstances would have been different, might they have been “the one?”)
  4. I completely deny dating that person! (Pretty much explains itself)
  5. We tried, it didn’t work, we moved on (You thought it was a good idea, you were wrong.)
  6. He/She is a *beep (they did you dirty)
  7. ?????? (What the heck happened)
  8. Nice, but not the one for me (nice people finish last right?)
  9. Player, player! (oh, these are the favorite)
  10. Conceited to the max (taking the “you gotta love yourself before you can love someone else” saying, way too far)
 What I can’t believe is that fact that so many people I know has a psycho person in their past. I have been upset during break-ups but never to the point of turning crazy. At least I don’t think I have. If an ex of mine happens to be reading this and disagrees, please email me and let me know. I don’t want to misspeak here. I definitely have  never spray painted my name with someone else’s on a stop sign, guard rail or street before. (Yes, I had this happen TO me) I don’t think I have ever caused someone to feel the need to change their number, change their name, move to Alaska and live with the wolves. I have wanted to do that a couple of times to get away from some crazy ex’s. But, instead I am living in Florida and writing a blog with my face plastered on it hoping they will read this and know I’m talking about them! Haha! Just kidding. Living in Florida is a front…I really live in a small city in Iowa, don’t come find me! 😉
My suggestion from now on…Personality Test, Pre-first date.
You grab their email as you are getting their number. You send it off to them a couple of days before the first date. Depending on the results, you confirm or don’t confirm for the date and you save yourself a lot of trouble…easy peasy! Who needs Eharmony, Match.com or those other guys? Handle all of the screening yourself. 😉

All those Condoms..




It’s crazy, but I am here to fill you in on the different types that are out there. It blew my mind to find out how many options people have when it comes to purchasing these little rubber things. I BET YOU DIDN’T EITHER, AFTER READING THIS! 😉

Whether it was for yourself, buying them because someone else was too embarrassed, getting them for a bachelor/bachelorette party, etc…I am sure you all have found yourself in “that” aisle (one time or another), trying to figure out what the heck to get.

Just to name a few, you have:

Pleasure Shaped    Ribbed     Textured     Studded    Super thin

Flavored    Glow in the Dark   Female   Desensitizing

Warming   Edible   French ticklers   Tingling

That isn’t even all of them, I just got tired of listing more.

What I get my jollies from, is seeing all the different ways of using them. Okay, other than the obvious…I knew what you were thinking!

I am sure most of you would find these pictures interesting, too.

Anybody up for condom hair ties??

Wonder where you buy one of these colorful dresses??

Now, that’s a different type of balloon animal!!!

I mean, who doesn’t like to wear something a little different every now and then?

Now, this kind of packaging kind of got to me-

This looks too close to chicken. No thank you…

And, Really?? This is just not right!

Hello Kitty is not supposed to be used like that!!

Anyways, I thought this was a funny post to bring some of you “into the know”, if you weren’t already.

But, in all seriousness, if you are completely stumped as to what to be for Halloween, you may have just found your costume…


Happy Thursday Everyone!! 🙂

douchebags and beyond..


Anyone that is remotely close to me knows the amount of douchebags I have had in my life in the past year and a half. I will not be going into specifics just yet….oh but I will, later!!

I have learned by my experiences, or by others around me, that you can/can’t find a good, respectful, trustworthy and caring guys in these places:


-Bar (obviously) if you can, you are part of that lucky .5%

– Work place

– Gym


-Extra curricular activities

– Through friends (this could quite honestly be the worst) -Made me wonder what my friends thought of me, haha!!


– ??????

Anyone want to help me out here?? 😉

Just kidding! I have someone wonderful in my life now, after going through dating hell and back. I do feel for those who are going through the dating scene, because it can be a bitch!!

I have a numbered list of all the douchebags in my life. Each put in their necessary ranking spot according to their douch-iness. One thing is for sure, I am so much stronger because of these crazy guys!!

This story is to be continued…

That video is freakin’ funny!! I had to share 🙂

You swing, I scream, we all swing…no, no we don’t all swing!!


I know it’s been around for awhile, I’m not that naive. But, has an explosion happened lately that has made it the latest fad??

Maybe Florida is one of “those” kind of states too. HAHA!

I have either met, been approached by, or heard of an alarming number of swingers since I have lived in Tampa. I definitely don’t understand this kind of lifestyle. Without getting too graphic in this post, I just don’t understand the appeal. The thought of “sharing” the person I am with, on a regular basis to other friends, strangers, or party go-ers while you are present, makes me feeling like jello inside. Blah!

Even though I don’t get it, if that’s the kind of thing you like…more power to you. But, can you just keep it to yourself and not approach me anymore. I mean, is there a non-swinger sticker I can wear, or does the color yellow have a secret code of, “that person is a no go”? Cause I will gladly stock my closet full of that not so charming color on me.

I am just going to give out a little warning to anyone in this area, or someone moving to this area, be careful! That next door neighbor, friend, acquaintance, co-worker, or that unassuming guy at the bar, may have a few secrets up their sleeves about what goes down in their spare time.

I vote they all move to a Swinger Island. 🙂