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I reckon everyone has a little bit of redneck in them!


First off….    Woohoo!!!

Now, on to my post!

I was inspired last night while my girls were practicing for cheerleading, to write about Rednecks today.

I believe that we all have a bit of redneck in us, no matter what part of the country/world we were born in. Don’t try denying it….it’s there, so just go ahead and be proud of it! haha!!

But, just as I believe there are different types of friend, you also have different types of Rednecks.

These are the categories I came up with:

-Mild (what I think most of us fall into)

Half and Half  (confused category, sometimes you play it safe on the mild side and then others, you are full on a scary rednecker)

Scary (I think they are all on Jerry Springer) lol!!

I am now going to share a few of my own Redneck jokes. Now, these are mine..I have not taken them from anyone. If anyone has used these before, then they stole them from my thoughts!

– If you take wine in a box to a football game as your refreshment…YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK.

-If pulling out the “fine china” means the zoo pal plates are coming out that night…YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK.

– If you don’t flush on the #1’s in your house to conserve water….YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK.

– If you have a bullhorn at your front door for people to use as the door bell….YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK.

-If your kids think the best pool float ever is when you turn your beer pong float over in the pool….YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK. (This one was done by yours truly 🙂 )

– If I ever come to your house and your idea of BBQ is Manwich….YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK.

– If your favorite show is Swamp People….YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK.

-If this is your idea of advertising for a date….YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK.

-If you take a blow up pool to the beach to hold all your “beers”….YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, my inspiration for this blog post…

-If you strut around the football field in your fishnet stockings, cut off short shorts, Adidas sandals, yelling at your kids with cigarette in hand, and think you are all that….YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK.

If you have any of your own that you would like to add…I would love to read them!! Comment on this post, so we can all see them 🙂 I know quite a few of you that will be reading this and you guys are freakin funny, so I want to see what you can come up with!

I want to say I was born and raised in Tennessee, so I am a true and proud Southerner, with a mild case of redneck in me. Haha!!


See you on Labor Day!!!

Don’t forget……

You better get wearing those white pants this weekend, cause after Labor day you know it’s a sin! 😉