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Hey, can I call you back in a second?


We all know this has a lot of different meanings!!!

You call someone, they are either in the middle of something, or just aren’t available to talk at that moment. So, you get a, “Hey, can I call you back in a second?” Now, it seems such an innocent phrase that most of us say, “oh, okay”, only to wait patiently for a returned phone call.

This phone call can come within the next couple of minutes (highly unlikely), or a couple of hours, and possibly even a day or so later.







Well, guess what….

I believe I have an answer!! This would save so many people some precious moments of their life! No more of that silly waiting game…no siree!

Okay, lets say you get a phone call,








Apparently, Steve Jobs is trying to get in touch with you. But, you just don’t have the time right now. So, you get a pop up of a green answer button, red decline button, OR a yellow option button..now, its like a stop light.

That yellow option button pops up a screen with well, different options. Such as:




1 – For, I can get back to you in like 5 to 10 mins

2- For, I’m busy, you gotta give me an hour or two

3- For, I’m crazy swamped, I’m thinking half a day later you might hear back

4- For, Just text me, that is all I can do now

5- For, So sorry but I don’t ever plan on returning your call

This would be a way to respectfully decline phone calls. That red decline button can make you feel a little evil every now and then. This is your “not so harsh” alternative. Well, that is if you don’t use option #5 all the time to tell everyone to go away! haha!







Just remember when someone calls you, they have feelings, too! Your phone call might be what they have been looking forward to all day.

It’s all just apart of the book, that no one seems to have on their night stand anymore…

Can I get an AMEN?? 😉