The day my cat ate a fake eyelash


This was taken after the first fake eyelash was a goner, and she was moving on to the next one.Β 

Shadow & Smokey- those are my cats. Well, they look like cats, but sometimes they surely don’t act like it. Shadow- (the smart one) likes to play catch. It is played with a hairbow, and if you don’t play with her for awhile…she will climb up in the closet, get a hairbow out of the container and bring it to you. Smokey (the over-sized one) he is just plain fat, but I was trying to be nice. He chases his tail, begs for scraps at dinner and is a bully to his sister. Oh, and they both love to play in the water. Identity crisis?? I think so! I am surprised they don’t bark instead of meow at me.

They also don’t eat normal things. Not only does Shadow like to play catch with hairbows, she likes to eat them too. Smokey loves Q-tips…I don’t get it either. I have to hide things like that from them, or I am afraid one day he will die from cotton overdose. This one is great, look at the picture below…

If you gave Shadow the choice of the having the item on the left (yummy cat treats) versus the item on the right (eye makeup remover), she would choose the one on the right EVERY time. She will literally wait till I take my eye makeup off at night and steal the tissue with the remover on it and go hide to lick it. Forget having to lock up prescription drugs or household cleaners from my kids, I am going to have to lock up things from my crazy cats. When she decided to chow down on one of my fake eyelashes the other day (that I had worn on Halloween) I truly wasn’t surprised.

My 10yr old is responsible for cleaning out their litter box. On a few occasions, she has found some cat poo with pieces of hairbows sticking out of it. I have now warned her that she needs to look out for some hairy poo soon. I am pretty sure that she despises having to clean the litter box as one of her chores. I told her to look at it as a surprise….you never know what you will find! πŸ˜‰


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  1. I’m going to be the boring one who’ll say : it’s pretty dangerous when cats do that. For cats.
    Those things can block their intestines and they’ll need an operation.
    Here I was the boring one and said it.

    My cat does the eating random things too ( because they are her prey and so she needs to it them after some hunt) so we’ll keep everything in drawers. Although, it doesn’t always help as she can open those too.

    • You aren’t being boring, you are very right! That’s why I have to put things away from them now and put up hair bows after we finish playing catch. I just never thought they would want to eat some of the things they do. Other cats I’ve had, were never like this.

  2. Great motivational line for persuading your daughter to clean the litter box. By the way, your cats really sound crazy; perhaps you should conisder bringing them to cat therapy lol.

  3. So was your cat ok after eating the false eyelash? πŸ™‚ I happened upon your page because my cat ate one!!! I have scavenger cats, as well. One I have to keep ribbons and mesh and string from…the other everything else like this false eyelash. 😦 (Stray adopted cat, fairly new to our house.) She is a garbage gut and loves people food…I have only had cat food eating cats! Anyway, we were worried about her. :/

  4. Oh. My. GOD. I loved this story…

    And in case you haven’t heard, you have been nominated for the “Mikalee is a D*ck but You Are Not” Award! (Actually, I just wanted to thank you for my nomination and to help others connect with your awesome blog.)

    So stop by for a visit if you get a chance, k? πŸ˜‰



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