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Holy Halloween Batman!


The official day is upon us!!

Everyone has been gearing up for this day, and now it’s finally here. I know this weekend was filled with Halloween parties, pumpkin patches, trunk or treats and all kinds of fun festive stuff. Facebook is covered in party pictures, and profile pictures are being changed left and right to show off fabulous costumes. I am pretty impressed this year with some of the costumes I have seen. Some people got all snazzed up, others just got as naked as possible. Someone on my Facebook made the comment…A lot of girls are making their daddy’s proud this weekend! Haha- So very true!

Tonight is the important trick or treat time. This is how our trick or treating will go…

6:30- Leave the house and start traveling down the street, ringing door bells.

6:35- My youngest will pass off her trick or treat bag because it’s already getting too heavy for her.

6:45- All of a sudden water will be needed as if they are about to die of dehydration.

6:55- Their bags are already full. Is it time to be done now MOMMY?

7:00- Back to our house…trick or treating -DONE!

I am not sure if I should think my kids are somewhat lazy, or they are just excited about having more than a few pieces of candy in their possession. (We never keep much candy in the house) I guess I should be happy they don’t want to keep me out for hours. I just feel like perfectly good costumes aren’t being used like they should be. I think next year, I will have them start wearing their costumes at the beginning of October when we go to Target, the Mall, Publix, and out to eat, then I will feel like we got our monies worth. Just watch, they will probably hate their costumes before Halloween gets there!

All I know is, we played it a little different back in the day.

This sign would have been laughed at…

Seriously?? People are mighty trusting nowadays with Trick or Treaters!

And this was your trick or treat bag…

A trash bag!

I’d say we were trick or treating for several hours. Get done in your own subdivision? Move on to the next one! Kids just don’t have the stamina these days!

Here is my costume this year (with my mister who decided to not even come close to matching me) He scared a small child on Saturday night at a party we went to. I think it made him feel proud of his outfit.

It’s a little blurry because my 10 yr old has issues with my iPhone camera.



A thankful idea


I had mentioned before that I like crafty ideas. I love Pinterest, but have to limit going to that website or I will stay on there for hours and hours.

This year, I wanted to do something a little different for Thanksgiving. As a lot of people do, before eating we would go around the table and say what we are thankful for. This year, I wanted to put a little more thought into it and have us say more of what we are thankful for. I came up with this..

A Thankful Vase

By using things around my house, I came up with this vase idea. For the next few weeks until Thanksgiving, every Wednesday each one of us has to write down 2 things we are thankful for. Roll it up and tie it, so no one will see it until Thanksgiving day. I just cut up some construction paper and cut balloon string to use for tying them up. My girls loved the idea and I can only imagine what my 5 yr old is going to be thankful for, seeing as how she has to think of a several things before Thanksgiving. It will be one more thing we will be taking to the woods with us. At that time, I will be thankful for my nice cozy bed I will be going home to!

Do you have any fun ideas for Thanksgiving?

Our Upcoming Adventure


In a little over a month we will be going on a great adventure! It is to a place that we shall call, ” THE UNKNOWN.” (But, some people might just call it camping)

Unfortunately, we aren’t going to be able to spend this year’s Thanksgiving with extended family. So, we are spending it the next best way, with some good friends. And these good friends go camping on Thanksgiving. We thought, what the heck..we will join in! Now, I need to paint a picture for you guys.

  1. I have never taken my girls camping. (My oldest went with her Aunt a couple of summers ago but they are avid campers, I am like a camping virgin.) 😉
  2. We own a tent that has only been opened in our living room for fun sleepovers, that’s it. (I wonder if we actually have the stakes, never needed them on the carpet.)
  3. 2 sleeping bags for 4 people. (Crap, better go to the sporting goods section of Target. Or is that a ridiculous place to go for camping gear? Should I go to Dicks instead? Is there a manly man’s store to go to for this stuff, so we look like we know what we are doing??) Ahhh!
  4. Peeing in the woods. (Oh, my 5 yr old is going to love this. She doesn’t even like to use the bathroom at the football field because she says it smells like old pee mixed with some nasty poop odor.)
  5. Bugs. (The great outdoors of course are filled with them. My girls freak out, literally, when we have a fly in the truck.)


This is either going to be the funniest Thanksgiving ever, or one that goes down as a horrible experience all around. I think I should video tape it all. I might be able to make some money off of this!

I used to be outside all the time growing up, so I am looking forward to this. I think it will be a great way to spend the holiday. My girls like the comforts of the indoors way too much. I think it’s my duty to take them outside and make them live a little. Gone with the cell phones, T.V’s, Nintendo’s, Wii’s and whatever else electronic devices they will try to sneak past me. It’s time to, “rough it” as they will probably call it. Or maybe they will look at it as torture. Either way, I am sure we will make plenty of memories and that to me, makes it totally worth it!