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I don’t like you Mr. Repairman!!


  In the dictionary of Tara:

Definition of Repairmen– Someone who shows up at your house when it’s convenient for them/ inconvenient for you, to service an appliance or utility, and then steal your wallet when they bolt out the door, leaving a mess behind. (Doesn’t pertain to all…don’t get your panties in a wad if you are one. Just pertains to MOST!)



– They include clever advertisement for their business to trap you. Ha!




– Can show up in very unflattering, revealing, and  super tight clothes, that make you want to cover your kids eyes.






– I’m going to be there between 8am-12pm. Nope, now it’s 12-2pm, and then… I’m running late, make that 3-5pm.

(They might as well say,” You better change all your plans from dawn till dark, because your time is in MY hands today…chuckle, chuckle”) LOL!




– Do you think they were all bank robbers before taking on a repairman job?? Because they might as well be stealing your money!!

(Oh, you were here for 25 mins and now I owe you $300??)

Dang, guess we are all in the wrong business! 😉



I had a not so pleasant repairman experience with my washing machine this week, my bad if I sound a little disgruntled. 🙂

I do believe instead of looking like this, next time I am stuck waiting around for a repair guy…..








I am going to give them some options when I call to schedule an appointment.

– Wednesday or Wednesday, which works best for you?

– I can do 1:30pm-2:00pm

– I need an estimate within $20 of what it will cost, or you can have it all in pennies

– I will give you the option of wearing booties in my house, or I will have the mop out waiting for you to clean before you leave.

And that’s my thoughts on that 😉