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douchebags and beyond..


Anyone that is remotely close to me knows the amount of douchebags I have had in my life in the past year and a half. I will not be going into specifics just yet….oh but I will, later!!

I have learned by my experiences, or by others around me, that you can/can’t find a good, respectful, trustworthy and caring guys in these places:


-Bar (obviously) if you can, you are part of that lucky .5%

– Work place

– Gym


-Extra curricular activities

– Through friends (this could quite honestly be the worst) -Made me wonder what my friends thought of me, haha!!


– ??????

Anyone want to help me out here?? 😉

Just kidding! I have someone wonderful in my life now, after going through dating hell and back. I do feel for those who are going through the dating scene, because it can be a bitch!!

I have a numbered list of all the douchebags in my life. Each put in their necessary ranking spot according to their douch-iness. One thing is for sure, I am so much stronger because of these crazy guys!!

This story is to be continued…

That video is freakin’ funny!! I had to share 🙂