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To get the flu shot, or not to get the flu shot…


…..that is my question.

 This is what we know:

– There are 3 viruses put into the vaccine each year. (Guess the top winners of them all)

– There are thousands of different types of strands out there. So, those nice flu shots cover about 40% of this years viruses. Now, how many of you people are like me, and get the short end of the stick when the odds are stacked against you? 😉


This is what I know:

– Last time I got one….it wasn’t pleasant and I GOT THE FLU!!

– This year if I don’t get one, I will probably have to be quarantined and bedridden all holiday season!

Decisions, Decisions.


Tis the season to get sick,  fa la la la la, blah blah blah blah!!  









Cooler weather = YAY!!  Sickness central at the schools, grocery stores, church, the mall, gas station pumps (nastiness), and the doctor offices = BOO!!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that this years flu bug isn’t too terrible. But, I am already armed with lots and lots of hand sanitizer. I think this year I am going to buy one of those signs babies have on their strollers, and wear it as a necklace.


-Your Germs Are Too Big For Me. Please Don’t Touch.

(Hey, I’m fragile, too!)





So, be interactive people and let me know what your plans are this year. I want to hear what the majority says. Maybe I will feel the peer pressure and cave towards the popular crowd. 😉



Boobies!! (0)(0)


Did I happen to get your attention by the topic of this post?? 😉

Everyone reading this is affected by boobies in one way or another.


-You have them

-You want them

-You love someone’s

-You have funded them

Men love them/ Women obsess over them!


– I want mine bigger

– I want mine lifted

– I want mine smaller, etc.

I know several people who have gone the plastic surgery route. Whether its to give them more self-esteem by feeling better about their appearance, wanting to fill out their clothes better, or just cause they knew they would get a hell of a lot more attention….everyone has their reasons.

I am/have been teeter-tottering back and forth on the idea of going, “under the knife”, but I’ve yet to be 100% decided one way or another. If I finally decide one day that I can no longer wait….it will be solely for myself. There is no way in this crazy plastic surgery world that I would go through all of that for anyone, but me!

Give me your thoughts! Take the poll below and share your opinion 🙂