Where’s the happy news?



I am someone who likes to stay up-to-date on current news, to a point. I have resorted to gathering information from networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The reason why is because they don’t seem to “pack as much punch” with delivery of the news.

Think about it, when you turn on the news, you get at least 30 mins of every murder, theft, fire of the day, thrown at you. On Facebook or Twitter, you get a line every now and then of something recent that happened. I think this is all I can handle. My brain doesn’t respond too fondly to all those negative thoughts attacking it.

So, you can understand my dismay this morning when I pulled up Facebook, and all on one update I saw:

“Officer shoots suspect in St. Pete, murder investigation in Clearwater, rain in the forecast.”

-Oh, and some major traffic delays.

Now, I understand in some states where there is a drought, rain would be good news. Here in Florida, it’s been one crazy rainy season and if I could send some rain to folks that need it, I surely would!

But, I want to ask…Where’s the happy news?











Yes, I want to be informed of things going on in the world, but if it happens to be all bad (which all you reporters seem to feed on) put one positive thing that’s going on as well. So, for every negative there should be a positive! I would hardly think I’m alone in wanting something like this.









There is quite a bit of good going on in this world that is totally news worthy. πŸ™‚ I think we should all hear about those things as well, no matter how small it is. Β The news could even use that as an opening line…

Good Evening, welcome to the five o’clock news. Tonight, we have 10 negative stories, but also 10 positive stories to fill you in on. So, stick around and we promise you won’t finish watching our news program all depressed and in need of an alcoholic beverage.Β 

I bet you their views would sky-rocket!! Especially on Mondays, they need to realize people need happy thoughts to get their week off right. So, we don’t look like this…












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  1. I am the same way. Can’t stand the way TV news dramatizes and glorifies every nasty event in the world. There are lots of beautiful people doing beautiful newsworthy things that we should know about. Speaking of beautiful, how did you get my picture this morning? πŸ™‚

  2. Exactly the reason why I didn’t like to read the newspaper ever since I was little. My dad tried to encourage me to read the paper, and watch the 6 o’clock news to stay up to date with world events and all that, but I disliked it so much. Having to read the paper every day would make me depressed a bit – I had to scan through many articles to find one that didn’t have to do with some dire situation. The science section of the paper would be a bit more positive – scientific breakthroughs and photographs of space etc. And of course the celebrity section lol…

    I get my news from my phone these days, subscribing only the things I want to hear about. (So, no more sports news for me) I kind of prefer magazines though, for news…because it’s not really about news, but you can get inspired from articles about people, and they things they do/life they lead and things like that. And the thing is, if it’s really important news, people would be spreading it and you’d hear about it anyway – can’t avoid the news.

    • You are right! That’s one reason why I like to watch Jay Leno. He does a good job of covering anything major that happened in the day, in a humorous way. πŸ™‚

  3. Good point! I do the same thing, but subconsciously. Now you give a new spin to me getting my news off FB. I don’t feel as bad. Bad news is what sells though and gets the ratings and money. Sad the way the world works, but money talks. Thanks for the happy news, I did love the picture of Thumper!

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