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Cold/Hot – We always want what we don’t got




Freezing, burning up….It’s always one or the other. The happy, comfortable season of Fall always seems to go by the fastest!

I live in the melting state of Florida. Your make-up runs, your hair poofs-out like a poodle, you bring a sweat rag with you everywhere, (not just to the gym), your car A/C laughs when you turn it on during August, and having deodorant in your purse is as common as lip gloss. During the dead heat of summer, Floridians just look at each other, shake their heads and beg for a little relief. 

Now, when it turns a wee bit colder…the sweatshirts come out in the dozens, the kids act like it’s going to snow any day, and my older daughter asks, “When is it going to get warmer again?”

Hahaha! They act like they have never been in “real” cold weather. Sorry to inform my girls that we are going to be pulling out the thermal underwear this winter!  We aren’t going to any arctic region, but it will be quite a shock for them that it does get below 50 degrees in some parts of the world. It has been quickly forgotten that they have played in snow before (the real kind too, not the fake shaved ice “snow” they have at the St. Pete winter festival).

I am sure they will be complaining of frost-bite, not feeling their nose or toes, and want to sit by a fire and drink hot chocolate by the gallons. They will be dreaming of warmer days at the beach, hanging out by the pool, and being able to wear their cute flip-flops again.  Then, when their dreams come true I get, “It’s way too hot outside, Mommy!”

I guess even as a kid, we aren’t satisfied with the weather we are getting. Colder weather is a relief for a couple of weeks,  then we are done with that. We welcome warmer weather after a bad winter, then it becomes too hot. If it’s too dry, rain is wished for, but don’t rain too long or we will start complaining again.  It’s a vicious cycle!

Today, no one will hear any complaining from me! It is a perfect 67 degrees here in Tampa, and I am going to go outside and enjoy it now! 🙂


WTF- That doesn’t even fly on Halloween


It is that time of year again. People have already started hunting, racking their brain of the best costume possible. What to wear this year to out-do what you did last year. How to be the center of attention at that Halloween party you are planning on going to.

Now, I love Halloween just as much as the next person. But, I try to be a bit reasonable. I know this is the time of year that most of you love to express yourself. You go out of your way to find costumes that are “different”, show off your best features, sexy, fun, colorful, dark, scary, etc.

But, there are always those people who take it too far. Last year at Halloween, I got to see quite a few people out and about on that lovely, All Hallows’ Eve.  I believe, in Tampa, Hyde park was THE place to be. It was an interesting night, to say the least. I did get some good ideas for this year.

AS YOU WILL SEE, these  costumes below are a step in the wrong direction. I  am a little disturbed by some of them. I feel sorry for the costume wear-er that thought any of these were a fabulous idea!!!

Here is the line between decent and that doesn’t even fly on Halloween


These are just wrong..

I am sorry if some of those even made you throw up in your mouth a little. I might not have prepared you properly.  The picture of Elvis and his “below the belt” area,(AKA- moose knuckle), may haunt me in my sleep tonight.

So, please costume-up with caution this year. You don’t want to be on the ugliest costume list for next year. 😉