Go ahead and call me a scaredy cat



From last weeks post, we all know as a kid I was scared of the basement at my parents house. But, that was just the beginning.

My basement fear turned into, someone-breaking-into-the-house fear. And to this day, I still have that problem. I guess watching too many scary movies of that happening, has scarred me for life. When I was younger, I seriously needed this sign outside my bedroom.


I had things hanging above my bedroom door just waiting to fall on a suspicious someone trying to come in. Bungee cords that people use on trucks to keep things from moving, I had near my window tied from one piece of furniture to another, so if someone came in my window, they would trip. Sharp objects all over my floor to fall on (incase they made it past the cords and falling debris from my door) Lastly, I was camouflaged in my bed.

I would get in my bed, pile every stuffed animal I owned all around me so I would blend in. Because you know I am all furry and stuffed, with big black eyes that never close and troll-like hair. Nobody would ever find me in there!!

Now, I am still frightened of someone breaking into my house. When we moved this past time, I was super happy to be moving into a subdivision that has gates with guards 24/7, and into a house that the previous owner must have had the same fear as me. Our house is wired like its Fort Knox. Every window and door, (even interior doors) are all alarmed up. The window upstairs in the shower which is not quite big enough for my 40 pound, 5-year-old to fit through, is even alarmed. A little excessive I think, but I don’t mind! If someone is still able to get past the gates, guards, and alarms. I am armed with something pretty powerful beside my nightstand.

Yep, it’s a softball bat. A heavy one that can inflict some serious damage. So someone better think twice before getting past those ADT signs. I’ve got a mean swing, oh and I’m a ninja too.


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  1. Once as a kid, I was at my friend’s house and at that point we were both scared of everything. We thought we were home alone but his grandma lived in an apartment upstairs from him. We heard someone banging around and got super freaked out and called 911 to let then know someone had broken into the house. A few minutes later, we found out it was actually his grandma so we had to call 911 back to let them know that we were just huge babies.

  2. I am going to call you: SMART! You can never be too prepared! It’s not overkill or over-reacting. You can’t have enough security. Trust me, sadly, I know.


    P.S. During the months we were being robbed, my 9-yr old daughter kept devising a plan to capture our intruder. Her plan included a broom, rope and her hoola-hoop. Seriously. When he was finally caught and we found out who it was, she kept asking for 15 minutes alone in a room with him, her broom, rope and hoola-hoop.

    • I just read what you had to go through. I couldn’t imagine having that happen for so long! I am so glad that you guys were able to catch him, but am very sorry that he took some very important items from you that will never be returned. It’s ridiculous how people are! Hopefully, nothing ever like that will happen to you and your family again!

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