Wait, stop the game!


This is how you play it, Mommy.

(This picture was taken almost 3 yrs ago. But this is still how she looks when she is trying to explain something very important to you).

For anyone that knows my youngest, Sienna, knows she is a firecracker. For those of you that don’t, read the discussion below that took place between her and I today. This is a typical “Sienna conversation” that can go on.  The past 3 days she has been stuck at home, sick. Unable to go to school and being bored, her mind has been pretty creative!

Sienna: We are going to play a word game.

Me: Ok, how are we going to play?

Sienna: I am going to write a word and you have to say it right, without me telling you what it is.

Me: I have to guess what you are writing?

Sienna: No, no. You have to copy what I write and guess the words.

Me: Oh, so I read what you write and then tell you.

Sienna: Ugh, you will figure it out when we start.

This is the game we were playing. Notice she has 6 smiley faces on her side and I only have 3 smiley’s and a couple of X’s.

Sienna: Ok, now you need to copy the word I put for number one.

Me: You mean the sentence?

Sienna: Yes, that’s what I said.

Me: Oh, my bad. (Then I copied her first sentence)

Sienna: Good, it’s correct! Now, the next one I write, you need to copy it wrong.

Me: Why would I copy it wrong? Don’t I want to get it correct?

Sienna: No mommy, it’s a pattern…right, wrong, right, wrong- don’t you get it?

Me: Ok, I guess I get it.

Look back to the picture above– So, when you get down to the sentence where she said, I eat with my friends. To follow directions and get this one wrong, I wrote, I eat with my cats. She looks at me like I am crazy and said, You eat with your cats?? That is hilarious and ridiculous! 

Me: Do you think I am winning, Sienna?

Sienna: (She looks at the paper for about a minute) Um, I am pretty sure that I am winning mommy and not you!

Me: What kind of game is this??

Sienna: It’s my game mommy. That’s why I am winning. 

Gotta love playing with a 5 yr old! That’s when she decided our game was over. She left the room and this is where I found her…

Tying one of my bikini tops onto the hamper in my closet. Obviously, she found one of my winter hats as well. I really hope she can go to school tomorrow! I (no, I meant she) might go out of her mind if she can’t. 😉

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  1. “It’s my game That’s why I am winning.” This makes a very good mantra for when life seems to be knocking us down. First time I’ve read of your daughter. Sienna is going places, that’s for sure.

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