Not exactly the favorite


These are either given away, a last resort, or just tossed out completely. I just want to put the spotlight on them for once. I try to look out for the “little guys” too. Think twice when you come across one, don’t be so judgemental. You too, would want to be given a chance by someone occasionally. Just to name a few, we have…

The end pieces– My girls look at this as a terrible way to begin and end a perfect loaf of bread. Nobody wants it. They are just keeping the popular pieces safe.

Black & Orange Halloween candy- This was someone’s idea of a joke, right? I’m pretty sure not one kid actually eats them, even when they have no other candy and are having sugar withdrawal.

Yellow Starburst- If these are really your first choice when you open a pack, send me your address..I have a lot of neglected pieces in my pantry. Oh, maybe I will give those out for Halloween!

The airplane seat right next to the toilet- I wonder if in the history of plane reservations, anyone has specifically asked to sit next to the crapper? I can only hope if you get stuck back there, your flight is a hop, skip and a jump away from your destination and they aren’t serving any type of beans on your trip.

The last hot dog in the rotating cooker- I’m sure they keep the same one in there for 5 days straight, just waiting for a sucker to come and buy it. You should do it, I dare you! 😉

Fruit Cake- Everyone that knows me better start liking this stuff. Because you are all getting it this year for Christmas. Hahaha! Santa is on a budget! And I was trying to think of a gift you wouldn’t even consider re-gifting.

SPAM- Okay, please don’t eat this! This one was only a joke. I am not even sure what food group this falls into. Blah!

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    • Sheesh, till I wrote this post, it seemed like they were the black sleep in the candy family. Now everyone is professing their love for those black and orange things! Hahaha!

  1. I can’t tell you how much I apreciate this post. My 11 year old daughter is fixing to appreciate them pretty soon, too. You just gave me some great ideas.

    1. When she doesn’t want to eat what’s for dinner she can make a sandwich with the “heels” of the bread. Suddenly “veggies” will look better.

    2. Bad visit at the dentist. halloween orange & black candiies are only sweets allowed. Cavities decrease.

    3. Skip dusting the furniture. Yellow starbursts instead of favorite flavor of gum.

    4. Complain about riding in the car. See what happens to kids that complain.

    5. You want a hotdog? Don’t tell me I didn’t offer you a hotdog.

    6. You want to smart off again? Fruitcake is what smart alec kids iare fed in detention. (home, too)

    7. Keep it up, girl, and you’ll have “spam” between your “heels.”

    I sound like a bad Dad, don’t I? KSorry/ )

  2. Oh my gosh! Fruit cake is a HUGE deal here. Prooobably because the fruit is soaked in rum for weeks (sometimes months). Our fruit cakes are usually dark (not quite chocolate-looking), and sometimes the fruit is ground up so you don’t have the huge chunks of it (EW!), and there are usually nuts in them. Would you eat that fruit cake?
    Note: I don’t like fruit cake. I go for the plain old rum cake.

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