Oh no, I don’t eat that!


Kids these days!Β 

No dairy, no meat, no gluten….

First things first– If you don’t eat one of these, that does not bother me one bit.

Everyone has their preference on diets. Either by choice, or because they don’t have a choice. I, am one that enjoys all of them, usually on a daily basis. I love me some steak, cheese and yummy bread. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

What I do find humor in, are these kids (my daughters friends) that come to my house, demanding food that does not include any of the above. Excuse me, whose house did you come to? Did you happen to pack a brown bag dinner with your stuff? Do you mind starving until you go home tomorrow?

I almost feel like I need to do 20 questions with the kids my daughter wants to have over, to see if I can handle their visit, pantry-wise. A go-to for sleepover food when I was younger, was pretty much pizza. That isn’t such a given anymore. I am all for going healthier with children, don’t get me wrong. I just didn’t know when I decided to become a parent, that sleepovers were going to create a whole different level of difficulty than I expected.

When I was growing up, I had to eat what was in front of me. If I didn’t like it, I didn’t eat. It was even more enforced when I was at someone else’s house. You don’t dare ask the host for something different from what they fixed. How rude would that be!?!

But, that isn’t the case anymore. Guess I am talking too old school now. Next birthday party I throw for my kids, it’s going to have food options on the invite with a place for guests to mark what they want. If they don’t RSVP their selection, then all bets are off and we are going to feast only on bacon, cheese sticks and pretzels all night long!! πŸ˜‰

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  1. Cook a pot of chili with “tofu” or serve pinto beans and taters. LOL

    True, we ate what we were served, especially at a friend’s house. Life was much simpler back then, wasn’t it? And healthier…less allergies, less shopping, less tv/comp/tech time…

  2. Here! Here! Not that I frequent McDonald’s anymore (no matter how enticing the current Happy Meal toy may be) but I do remember it being a total “treat” when we went there as a kid. When a particular friend of my 10-yr old daughter eats over, no matter what I serve, she ALWAYS looks at me and asks with disdain, “Is this from McDonald’s?” ?!?

    • My mom hated McDonalds when I was young. So, it was a big treat for me as well when I got to go there. Now, I think it may be the biggest “food group” some kids know!

  3. They should bring their own snacks, and be content to eat rice. Or something like that.
    I think it started when children suddenly starting being BORN with ALLERGIES. I never heard of such a thing until I lived in Canada. Peanuts, nuts, wheat. I was like, SAY WHAAA?! I wonder if these allergies always existed and we just didn’t know, or if our super-careful/crazy behaviour brought them about. Chicken or egg? I don’t know. But it’s WEIRD.
    And if my children had a special diet, I wouldn’t send them out without suitable meals. Expecting other parents to just deal with it is ridiculous.

    • They have to bring their own snacks to school, so I think BYOS to sleepovers is a good idea! It makes me wonder what my daughter would be expected to eat if she goes to the houses of these same kids. Seaweed? Gluten free snacks? Fake milk??? Lol! Guess I should pack her meals too!

  4. There were certain things I got rid off the menu as a kid pretty quick – mcdonald’s, chewing gum, and fizzy drinks…especially if they’re colorful. I find artificial bright-colored things really gross. I remember as a kid, there was this phase at school where all the kids loveedd their blue-colored lollipops that gave them blue tongues…gross! Just ew. Lol. guess I was the prim-and-proper type. I have nothing against other people consuming them though. But it’d get annoying having to explain why I could possibly reject a free blue lollipop. xD

    • Totally agree on the fizzy drinks! I never got these! I’m sure some people thought you were crazy not accepting a free lollipop….what kid does that??? hahaha!

  5. LOL I remember my father saying to one of my sister’s friends once upon a time that she could take what was offered or go home. I’ve reworked the Jiffy peanut butter slogan to meet the needs/demands of my daughter’s current friends. “Choosy kids choose at Home.but not my home.” πŸ™‚
    When did being “hospitable” to people turn into “catering” to them? My wife has simplified this by having themed parties, and having invitations rsvp. Menu and activities preplanned and arranged. Those that show know. I guess she thought that was better than me standing at the door with my peanut butter sign! πŸ™‚

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