Some of why I smile all the time :)


My beautiful girls

 Awesome siblings

Amazing parents and grandmother

My precious new Niece, Clara

A fabulous guy in my life

Some of my awesome friends

My crazy cats

I might not have the best car, the biggest house, the most fabulous clothes to wear, or tons of money in the bank. But, I have what matters the most to me, some pretty amazing people in my life. And that is something that money definitely can’t buy!


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  1. Perfect reasons. Just like you , my family and friends keeps me smiling. My son and wife keeps me wanting to face each day with a feeling of optimism, joy and hope. You have a beautiful family with awesome smiles. Have a blessed day too…

  2. Respect!
    And how cool to see now finally who you’re writing about all the time. Your girls are gorgeous and I have to say you’re muchprettier without the glasses!

  3. You have gorgeous kids…man…that’s sign number 4 from the universe today, screaming to me “Kids are cool”. – My substitute teacher had a gorgeous angelic toddler running around, very well-behaved and adorable. A lady came into a shop today to find a present for a 1 year old girl, and I helped her choose the perfect gift, and she was describing the wee thing. Bumped into one of my high school teachers on the bus, and she told me she was sad because she got her period and she really wanted kids right now – then we had like a big discussion – And now THIS post. You’re a cool mum by the way, I’m sure other people think so too.

    • Thank you!!!! Kids are definitely cool…the best decision I ever made! 🙂 Constant entertainment, they bring a whole different meaning to the word, LOVE. Your life is never the same after you have a baby. It is challenging, but so worth it! And then you have people to take care of you when you get older…unless they get mad at you and just put you in a nursing home! Hahaha! Since I’m just 30 now, I try to be the cool mom, but I’m sure that will all change when my daughter becomes a pre-teen!!

  4. Well said, I feel the same way. I may be broke, but I’m happy! I gave up a 6 figure job this year to come back to my hometown and live with my mom after my dad’s passing. It’s a decision I do not regret and am thankful 100 times over that I made. I have only been here 2 months and have made some really good friendships with old ‘acquaintances’ and friends, as well as meeting a whole new set of diverse friends. I’m a single mother of 1 and that also helps that I have my family around to help me with him and give me that break I deserve and never got living in my ex’s hometown. Life is grand! It really is true that the best things in life aren’t the things we can see, but the the ones that are felt in our heart!

    • Happy to hear you have had a good experience moving back to your hometown! Being a single mom does help you quickly realize the important things in life. I have been there myself, and having family around is priceless! 🙂

      I wish you the best of luck!!!

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