Sometimes all you can do is…Wine!



(Look at me, I found the color text tab) šŸ˜‰

This button, (Show/Hide Kitchen Sink (Alt+Shift+Z)Ā I had no idea what it did (for 5 weeks). Then, I pressed it, and Voila! A whole other row of commands popped up. That’s how the “Cheers” was able to change colors. You can tell, I am amused (and slow) with the little things. Anyway, on to my post!

Until a few years ago, I used to believe that wine was the “snooty” peoples drink. I liked my mixed drinks and beer, and didn’t understand why anyone would care for a drink that can be SO dry. Sipping and swirling their sacred drink around in a fancy glass. Was that it? Was it the glass that made wine drinkers feel more sophisticated and made them enjoy the wine that much more?

So, I thought I’d try some cottage cheese in a silver goblet to test that theory. Nope, that was a no-go. Cottage cheese still tasted ridiculously horrible!


Wait…wrong picture! But, just like any other woman in the world, I don’t want any of that kind either!!

There we go. Is this in a dog food bowl??

If there was a doggie jail, I am sure this would be their dinner!

Okay, back to the wine…


One day, I finally decided to stop being so close-minded, and try more things. With wine being one of them.

I guess I can now say that I get better with age, too. I can hardly call myself a wine connoisseur, but I have found some wine that has made me understand these wine lovers a little better.

A big thank you to wine for making me….

Enjoy cooking more. (There is nothing else like having a glass of wine while cooking, especially with Italian meals. Makes me feel a little closer to Italy)

Love my bubble bath more. (Warm water + bubbles + a glass of wine = total relaxation)

Live a longer and healthier life. (What’s not to love about that) Of course everything in moderation- a glass of wine a night, not a bottle! šŸ˜‰

Sometimes all you can do is, Wine…because nothing is better at that moment!

At least now I feel like I can drink accordingly in most situations.

Tailgating- Beer

Club- Mixed drink

Dinner party with friends- Wine

Even when I get older, if I start playing chess, I will be drinking one of the above because Scotch is completely out of the question for me! And there is nothing wrong with a grandma enjoying a Cosmo. šŸ™‚


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  1. WINE IS AWESOME! Oh, my gosh!
    I got introduced to it fairly early. My dad is a wine dude. And a F&B dude. And stuff.
    I won’t say what age I was at when someone took a photo of me taking a sip from my dad’s win glass at my 4th birthday party.
    I used to be a strictly white wine girl. Not any more. RED. GIVE ME RED.

    Hilarious that you just found the kitchen sink. Hahahaha.

      • Clearly, I had my wine early this morning. WIN glass?! Not gonna lie though… I’d like to sip from one of those. LOL.
        10? You’re pretty close!
        And you’re right about the kitchen sink. They put them all over the place these days. *scratches head*

      • Haha! You crack me up. Hey, It’s early when I post…and not much coffee has gotten through my system yet. That’s why the little things are harder for me then, like finding the kitchen sink! šŸ˜‰

  2. Same here! I “discovered” wine just a few months ago and now, like you, I get it. I don’t feel quite so guilty having a glass (or more) of wine after work. But I’ll never give my beer up!

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