I don’t like you Mr. Repairman!!


  In the dictionary of Tara:

Definition of Repairmen– Someone who shows up at your house when it’s convenient for them/ inconvenient for you, to service an appliance or utility, and then steal your wallet when they bolt out the door, leaving a mess behind. (Doesn’t pertain to all…don’t get your panties in a wad if you are one. Just pertains to MOST!)



– They include clever advertisement for their business to trap you. Ha!




– Can show up in very unflattering, revealing, and  super tight clothes, that make you want to cover your kids eyes.






– I’m going to be there between 8am-12pm. Nope, now it’s 12-2pm, and then… I’m running late, make that 3-5pm.

(They might as well say,” You better change all your plans from dawn till dark, because your time is in MY hands today…chuckle, chuckle”) LOL!




– Do you think they were all bank robbers before taking on a repairman job?? Because they might as well be stealing your money!!

(Oh, you were here for 25 mins and now I owe you $300??)

Dang, guess we are all in the wrong business! 😉



I had a not so pleasant repairman experience with my washing machine this week, my bad if I sound a little disgruntled. 🙂

I do believe instead of looking like this, next time I am stuck waiting around for a repair guy…..








I am going to give them some options when I call to schedule an appointment.

– Wednesday or Wednesday, which works best for you?

– I can do 1:30pm-2:00pm

– I need an estimate within $20 of what it will cost, or you can have it all in pennies

– I will give you the option of wearing booties in my house, or I will have the mop out waiting for you to clean before you leave.

And that’s my thoughts on that 😉

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  1. Awesome post!
    Especially the options part…”Wednesday, or Wednesday, which works best for you?” I just hope they don’t interpret it as a Wednesday you weren’t talking about. :p

  2. I feel your pain and thanks for bringing humor so it does not bite… The bad experience I mean. A few years ago, we were scammed by a man we treated as a family. He’s what you call a ” scam contructor. ” they lure you with friendship and free small service, then offer to make a big project in cash. Then they’ll disappear leaving you almost for dead financially. But along the way you’ll meet friends too. We have a good friend who’ll come to our house any time for emergency fix-ups and he even drops by to bring veggies. My point is, despite of our horrible experience, we should never totally close our doors. A little bolted opening wont hurt! Thank for the visit. I appreciate the fact that you responded. Honestly your the 10 percent that’s Freshedly pressed that answered back. For that Salute you. Talented and Thoughful!

    • Thanks for that!!! If I have time to blog, I have time to reply 🙂

      That stinks about your experience. I have heard several stories about horrible contractors that ran off with loads of money. Isn’t that what those “on your side” reporters on the news, do stories about? If you didn’t, I would have contacted one of those people to track down that ex-friend/scam contractor of yours!! Glad you have a good friend now to help you out! 🙂

  3. You are so right about repair men. My mom owns a multi family house which se rents out, and what a difficult thing it is to find a good-responsible reapair guy….

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