Hey, can I call you back in a second?


We all know this has a lot of different meanings!!!

You call someone, they are either in the middle of something, or just aren’t available to talk at that moment. So, you get a, “Hey, can I call you back in a second?” Now, it seems such an innocent phrase that most of us say, “oh, okay”, only to wait patiently for a returned phone call.

This phone call can come within the next couple of minutes (highly unlikely), or a couple of hours, and possibly even a day or so later.







Well, guess what….

I believe I have an answer!! This would save so many people some precious moments of their life! No more of that silly waiting game…no siree!

Okay, lets say you get a phone call,








Apparently, Steve Jobs is trying to get in touch with you. But, you just don’t have the time right now. So, you get a pop up of a green answer button, red decline button, OR a yellow option button..now, its like a stop light.

That yellow option button pops up a screen with well, different options. Such as:




1 – For, I can get back to you in like 5 to 10 mins

2- For, I’m busy, you gotta give me an hour or two

3- For, I’m crazy swamped, I’m thinking half a day later you might hear back

4- For, Just text me, that is all I can do now

5- For, So sorry but I don’t ever plan on returning your call

This would be a way to respectfully decline phone calls. That red decline button can make you feel a little evil every now and then. This is your “not so harsh” alternative. Well, that is if you don’t use option #5 all the time to tell everyone to go away! haha!







Just remember when someone calls you, they have feelings, too! Your phone call might be what they have been looking forward to all day.

It’s all just apart of the book, that no one seems to have on their night stand anymore…

Can I get an AMEN?? πŸ˜‰

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  1. I’m the WORST with this. and I also HATE talking on the phone. Every now and then One of my girlfriends calls me and I know they are gabbers- & I’m not. I’m a Say your peace and TTYL kinda girl. It’s truly unavoidable at times. I do feel like a terrible person if I don’t get back to them though, so you got me there. But honestly – I really am BUSY. Not too busy for my friends- and I am there to listen. I generally can judge how a convo is going in the first five minutes. But I really want to tell some people…. please, I beg some of you… just TEXT me. 9 outta 10 times I’m in Class. I’m wiping one of my kids butts, dropping them off somewhere, trying to scurry through a grocery store with 2 girls who WANT everything, eating a family dinner, making dinner, cutting apples, washing baby booties in the tub, finding out how first day of school went, or spending time with my love….you’re all important to me too and I will at some point…during the WEEK get back atcha!

    • Haha! You got a lot of booty stuff going on during the day. πŸ˜‰
      I agree with ya! I am so much more of a texter than a talker. Sometimes, it is super hard to put that phone time into your day, with 50 million other things going on!!

  2. β€œJust remember when someone calls you, they have feelings, too! Your phone call might be what they have been looking forward to all day” yeah!i can’t agree more!pretty good

    • I know that is true with my Mom for sure, the looking forward to my phone call each day. And I just had to apologize to my sister for never calling her back…it is plain old rude and I have no excuse, only a committment to do better from now on. My husband’s droid has that function and he loves it. I ti shelpful when you are too busy to answer. And I always try to remind people, it is the PHONE, we can let it ring and get back to them later. If we did not have cellular phones, we would only be able to be reached when we were near a land line anyway. The world goes too fast. We have the right to slow it down once in a while! But we should most certainly be polite! πŸ™‚ AmberLena

      • Haha! Very true! I try to remember that…we did LIVE without cell phones before. It’s just hard to imagine that now! lol! My kids are going to think I grew up in the dark ages!

  3. Congrats on making FP. Please visit my website where I write poems as seen through the eyes of our son. Please refer anyone that you believe can relate to the isseues. http://jacquirose17.wordpress.com/
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  4. Nice post. And loved this part- “Just remember when someone calls you, they have feelings, too! Your phone call might be what they have been looking forward to all day” πŸ™‚

  5. Nice thought but I don’t know what brought you onto this train of thought did you experience this or did you do it to somebody and regret it later.

  6. This is such a good idea. How many times have you been interrupted in class or a meeting by a cell phone that just won’t stop ringing? This way the person could hit a button and the caller won’t be hurt or mad. Nice idea!

  7. I would probably get in trouble for using number 5 too often with my dad. He’s the only one that calls with any type of frequency (and the only one I’ve ever told “Let me call you back in a minute,” though I usually do call back.) Still would be a nice option to have.

    Congrats on the FP!

  8. I hate talking on the phone to anyone about anything, so I avoid situations like these as much as possible. I just text people all day long…haha. So, I guess #4 would be my answer to people ALL the time… πŸ˜‰

    Great idea and funny post! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  9. Or something like those automated messages you get when you call customer service. “You are currently number 643 in queue. Your wait time is approximately 2 1/2 days” I’m not a gabber either.

    • Haha!!! That is too funny, and a very good idea πŸ™‚

      If you are number 643 in line…you must be calling someone who is either super popular, or NEVER answers their phone! lol!!

  10. You know what the problem is…………”Hey can I call you back in a second”……the right statement is…….”Listen can I call you back in a microsecond”, the person will rejoice at something very unique and would sincerely understand that that call might not arrive ever!!!!!!!!Love you everyone. Ipanema.

  11. GREAT idea! I’ll invest. We also need to have an option (maybe black?) for when someone calls you and before you can even exchange greetings they say, “Hey, hold on a second!”

  12. Haha, it’s definitely a nice idea. My phone does have a similar thing where you can send a pre-written text at the same time as hanging up, and you can choose from an option of ‘Sorry, I’ll call back later’, or, ‘Sorry, can’t talk but please text me’, or make your own personalised message. So maybe that could be the answer to your prayers!

  13. What I want right now is an “I’m in the bathroom right now” button. That way I’m not blowing someone off but I don’t have to answer while in a stall.

    And then if we’re going to really start pimping out our phone, I want a mentally activated “my hands are full right now” button (well, it’s not a button, because you just have to think it.) That way, say, you’re a college student carrying a dozen books, the person calling realizes that your hands are a bit tied up at the moment and they are going to answer your call soon. πŸ˜€

  14. The picture caught me off guard! Cute. It would be kind of cool to click a button to let people know when they would hear back (if ever). I do like the way you think, though. Great post! Amen.

  15. Nice idea. Maybe a setting for automatic responses (which you create) for every type of situation. Maybe when someone calls they get a response indicating your current availability like on chat-busy, out of office, etc.

    good idea.

  16. Haha, that is so true! Love this post!

    I read some of the comments, saying they have something similar to this…wish I had it. Didn’t even know it existed, lol. Great idea.

  17. Haha, this would be the best new phone calling addition ever. I hate picking up the phone to someone I don’t want to talk to or have no time for, but sometimes feel guilty not picking up. And then I sometimes don’t remember to call back, or do and just put if off later and later…. Congrats on being Pressed. I completely agree with your idea. πŸ˜€

  18. Great idea! I really like your style here…and your layout is awesome…
    I have the same one πŸ˜‰

    I can relate to this. I’m not a talker at all…I like to get to the point and move on, but I do feel bad when I have to IGNORE a friend’s call. I’m just not a chatterbox, and it can get awkward on the phone. I’m always looking for the chance to swoop in with the, “Well, I better let you go, I have to….um…move on with my life!”

    Since this is such a good idea, I actually suggest you copyright it, or something asap, before someone else steals the credit. Like me…haha…just kidding. πŸ™‚

    • Haha! Thanks πŸ™‚ I guess we both have good taste!

      I guess one of the phones, (I’ve discovered thru these comments) actually have some kind of feature a little bit like that. I had no idea!! I would love it for my phone. I need to get it trademarked for the iPhone!!! πŸ˜‰

  19. This is true but my brother still wouldn’t listen, which brings up another question. Would a robotic voice be saying these things after you press 1, 2, 3, and so on or would you have pre-recorded these messages? Either way, I like all of your pictures that incorporate into this.

  20. Amen from India! I just wonder how many times these options have been used on me by now :/ Fodder for thought…

  21. Can mine have a button to generate a random (but convincing) excuse for when my mum calls and I just can’t be bothered talking, but have the best intention of calling her back soon…well…soon-ish…? Something like hanging washing or scrubbing floors. You, know the things she knows I hate doing so she won’t try calling back again in 5 minutes. It is a great idea but she would be onto me fairly quickly if she got the ‘crazy swamped’ every time she called!
    Great entry! Congrats on FP πŸ™‚

    • Haha! Thanks!! A lot of people are usually “crazy swamped”, so you might be able to get away with it πŸ˜‰
      Just tell her, you have an insanely eventful life! lol!

  22. That is HILARIOUS. I prefer texting. I can have 3 conversations going at once while I’m also on the phone, doing work, and have some semblance of maintaining a social life. Love it! Keep blogging please!

  23. that yellow button may come in handy. Seriously though, I think it’s just good manners to answer phone calls of those people we know, or we think needs to hear our voice or a kind word or two. As for the tele-marketers, debt collectors and annoying people. There’s always the red button. congrats. great post.

  24. cool idea, i would appreciate something like that too. I get tons of random calls that I don’t feel like answering and I’m really more of a texter than caller. Nonetheless, my job requires me to call people and await their return-calls. Will be good if they get the options you proposed – then I wouldn’t need to wait endlessly for a call that will never come … or at least I get a better idea of when I might call back! Great suggestion there!

  25. Hello! Congratulations for making it in the freshly pressed. I agree with your points. Whether we like it or note, at the end of the day it will never be right to put someone on that holding or questionable status. It’s a torture to be in that place. I am following you now.

  26. Hmmn, sometimes it really is not your fault. You get carried away that you forget to call back.

  27. Couldn’t agree more with that entire blog post! The way I’ve felt when someone has done it to me and I have had to do it to others!

  28. Love this idea! To know up front that the person is ALIVE but not going to get back for a half-day… I can reclaim my life. The sweet liberation of knowing that waiting for the phone to ring would be an exercise in futility! Of course, in the case of a real emergency, you then have to either text 911 to them, or have the reverse app that gives choices ranging from “OK Cool” (does nothing but make the person who’s been put off, feel like they’re still engaged in the conversation) up to “MEDICAL EMERGENCY PICK UP THE PHONE” (maybe dials the person back, with a siren as the ring?)

  29. Great post.

    How could something so simple be so hard? And yet it is. Like some others who posted here and in the world, I am not a talker. I say my peace and I’m ready to go, whereas I’ll text back and forth happily. I think maybe the thing is to get to know the next person and try a compromise? It’s a long shot, but it just may work out!

  30. I can go for hours and hours with nothing to do and my phone won’t even utter a peep. No texts, no calls, nothing! But let me head into a meeting, go to church or run for the bathroom and the entire world wants to chatter! I need your buttons!

    Congrats on Freshly Pressed. I am definitely following you.

  31. i really dont like iphone or steve jobs and the whole apple company but on the other hand android is amazing i think everyone should drop apple and go with dell and android πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  33. I’m a bit confused, I had the impression that those people who use the yellow button should be considerate of their fellow friends (callers)? And why am i seeing people be “for” the yellow button?….Though that is a pretty nifty idea, I hope it doesn’t see the light of day as i been a victim of the yellow button thus I on the other hand would like one day be the ass giving the call back days after the call ;D

  34. LOL! I am guilty of this. at times am just so busy or tired to call back, so instead I end up lying that my battery was down and my phone died(almost always)

  35. Hey, just read your entry and loved it! I am a new blogger myself so I’ve been going around reading other people’s and found yours really entertaining! Keep it up!

  36. I don’t feel bad at all because by now (2011) everyone knows what it means. Plus, I get more text messages than phone calls anyway. It is, a good idea though…

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