Friend meter…do you have one??


When I was thinking of this post, I did not know there was a friend meter on facebook, till I googled this. Guess that answered my question then….lots of people have friend meters!!!

I am pretty sure that all of us can place our FRIENDS into one of these categories:

Best– (Can count on for pretty much anything) These come few and far between!!

Good (They are part of your normal crowd, but you don’t necessarily share everything with them)

Wishy washy– (They are here….then they aren’t, wait..then they are back)

Social(hang out together pretty much when you are just out and about, run into at the same places)

Acquaintances(Yeah, I’m cool with that person)


Past Friends have different categories:

These people help me appreciate my true friends, more and more each day!! πŸ™‚

Back stabbers(To your face, “I like you, I like you”, behind your back, “_____ is such a Β  b*tch”)

LiarsNo definition neededΒ (Maybe they think if they lie, you will like them better) It is very confusing to me!

UsersThis is my favorite….why you say? Because this is what I seem to run into, a lot! I have had so many people use me, that I should be able to report them to the cops for stealing from me!!! My time, money, etc.

Then, there are some past friends that are all of those above put together!! I have had some of those in the past few years!! Those are the ones you want to red flag them some where on their head, so you can save some other people from all the trouble!

Like how guys should have a douchebag meter, I think all women should have a friend meter (like above). So, if you find yourself talking to someone who is even remotely close to the red….you need to run like hell away from them! lol!!

They say when you get older you are lucky if you can count on one hand how many true friends you have.

I most definitely agree, but I would like to revise that saying for women.

– Women are lucky if you can count on one hand how many true friends you have that secretly aren’t out to destroy, control, corrupt you or steal your man!! haha!!

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  1. How freaking true is this?!!!! In school you think everyone is like your bff. Then slowly but surely you realize your bff isn’t truly your friend. In fact she falls under the all of the above category!!!!

    • Oh yes! How we get wiser about things like that the older we get πŸ™‚ We (women) might lose our looks the older we get, but our brains seem to work better! πŸ˜‰ haha!

  2. How true, how true. I have three true ‘besties’ in my life (even though I despise that term)…my husband and my sisters. Unfortunately though, even after moving down here almost three years ago, the rest of the people I have met are just acquaintances. I thank God for Randy though…he’s the one down here who has never failed me.

    • It definitely is hard to find “good” friends that you can trust! You and Randy are such an awesome pair πŸ™‚ I hope one day, I can be happily married after 11 and 1/2 years like you guys!

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