Dear Sweet Florida


I have been living in Florida now for almost 3 yrs. People weren’t kidding when they said this is NOT part of the south, it is its own country!

IN FLORIDA- (just to name a few)

It doesn’t matter what massive amount of hair products you use, sorry…the humidity will win!

An alligator walking across the street in front of your house, isn’t unusual.

Hurricanes are looked at as a time to party!

If you own a pool and it doesn’t have a lanai around it, it’s an odd ball out.

They have outdoor sports in only the fall and spring. Summer is completely out of the question because all the kids would turn into bacon.

Winter event planners use shaved ice to trick the kids into thinking they are playing with real snow.

You never go to the beach on holidays! The tourists will drive you nuts!!

We probably have the worst drivers, ever! Between the retired folks, the massive amount of DUI’s that take place, the speed racers, and the people visiting that have no idea where the heck they are going…you should say a prayer every time you start to drive!!



You better just slam on your brakes and let the person behind you, hit you. Because whatever you do, don’t hit those Sand Hill Cranes!! 😉

Cross Creek is seriously turning into Cross Crizzle- sorry, but it is.

You need to either take some medicine or keep Chinese stress balls in your car for when you travel down Bruce B Downs.

Don’t even think about speeding or doing a U-Turn. Cops…We surely don’t have a shortage here.

There seriously are 4 Elementary schools within 2.5 miles of each other.

Barcodes are just about on everyone’s cars.

Construction, construction, construction.

Please comment if you have any to add to the list. I would love to hear them!

Florida is an interesting state to say the least. But, I am glad to be called a Floridian. (For now, until we screw something else up that makes National news) LOL!!

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  1. Love your post on where to and not to meet guys! I had to laugh though because you put ‘workplace’ and ‘bar’ under ‘Can’t’…I met hubs at work and we got to know each other in a bar…lol! 11-1/2 years and still going strong…but I think what sealed it for both of us was when we started getting serious, we quit going to bars.

    Love the whole blog…keep it up!

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